Not given previous employemt info for a Govt job

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    HI All,

    By mistake and confusion I had not given my work info with a private sector company while filling the Attestation Form, but at the same time I did not hid it, i explicitly told it to the officer who came for verification.

    Now I got a letter demanding explanation for why I had conceled the info of working in a private firm.
    I gave required explanation to them

    Will I be dgeeing my joining letter in this case or they will cancel my application


    please go through the following thread:
    Supression of Fact about the Present Employment


    Thanks for the prompt reply…I just want to know that since my current employer just came to know about my past experience.
    .which I had not mentioned..will it affect my joining letter..that is will they with hold my joining letter..


    you have already submitted an explanation. let’s see whether it is satisfactory or not.
    however, personally, i hope you will get the appointment letter finally.


    So didn’t you got the response dear?? What is the explanation you have given?? Could you please let me know.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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