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    [align=justify]       After completion of 25 yars of continuous service with MCAS ’01  with effect from 01/06/2005 promoted to the of DICO on 7/4/2006 in the scale of Pay 5,500-11,325 (Scale No.14, ROPA’98) which was subsequently upgraded to Rs.8000-13,500/- (Scale No.16 under ROPA’98) [/align]
    [align=justify]       The West Bengal Information & Cultural Service and integrated State Service  declared by the Government on 25/2/2016. And come into force on same date. All Officers holding different post under pre-revised scale No.16,17 and 18 were included into the Service. Accordingly I included in to the same service from 25/2/2016 in the scale No.16. [/align]
    [align=justify]       In this circumstances after continues satisfactory service without any promotion /MCAS between   7/4/2006 and 25/2/2016 department allowed benefit of MCAS’01 for 8 years of service in the Pay Band 4A of Rs.15600—42000/- with G Pay Rs.6,600/- w.e.f 25/02/2016 vide FD Memo. No.3015-F dated 13/03/2001 read with 3669-ICA dated 25/9/18. [/align]
    [align=justify]       So w.e.f 1/7/15 Pay fixed Rs.27,740/- (Rs.BP Rs.22340, GP 5400/- in the Pay Band 4B4A of Rs.15,600—42000 under WBS (ROPA) Rules’09 as Assistant Director. [/align]
    [align=justify]       As per option MCAS w.e.f 1/7/2016 Pay fixed Rs.30640 (BP Rs.24,040 + G Pay Rs.6,600/-)w.e.f 1/07/2016 in the  Pay Band Rs.15600—42,000/- with G Pay Rs.6,600/-under MCAS’01,for completion of 8 years without any promotion. On 1/7/2017 in the same Pay Band reached at Rs.31,560/-(BP Rs.24,960/-+ GP Rs.6,600/-[/align]
    [align=justify]       After transferred on promotion as DD (Category B) w.e.f 01/12/2017 in the Pay band PB 4A Rs.15600/—42,00/- with G P Rs.6,600/- vide Dept. notification eligible to get promotional fixation benefit in the promotional post of Dy. Director and submit option w.e.f 01/12/2017 on the date of promotion. Pay fixed at Rs.32,510/- (BP Rs.25,910/-+ Grade Pay Rs.6,600/-w.e.f 1/12/2017 Pay band PB 4A of Rs.15600/-  42,000/- with GP Rs.6,600/-(Rule 11 of WBS (ROPA)Rules’09 read with para 3 of F D M No.2728F  dt. 07/04/2009. Such as pay reached Rs.33,490/-(BP Rs.26890+ GP 6,600/-) w.e.f 01/07/01/07/2018 in the same pay band and normal increment.[/align]
    [align=justify][size=medium]      Date of Entry in Service 24/1/1980 ,  date of Superannuation was 31/01/2019 [/size][/align]
    [align=justify][size=medium]1)[size=xx-small]   [/size][/size][size=medium]Please calculate my pay etc as per New Pay commission [/size][/align]
    [size=small]2)[size=xx-small]      [/size][/size][size=small]My Pension not yet revised after getting promotion.SB is now at AG. So my basic pension  is Rs.15165/- As.Emoluments for F P Rs.30.330/-(BP Rs24930/-+GP Rs.5400/-)Please calculate my revised Pension as per New Pay commission . 3) Ihave received  Gratuity of Rs.6,00,000/- as previous order. Please calculate revised Gratuity as New Pay Commission. Please  guide me.                                                                                         [/size]
    [size=small] [/size]

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