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    After completion of 25 yars of continuous service with MCAS ’01  with effect from 01/06/2005 promoted to the of DICO on 7/4/2006 in the scale of Pay 5,500-11,325 (Scale No.14, ROPA’98) which was subsequently upgraded to Rs.8000-13,500/- (Scale No.16 under ROPA’98)
    The West Bengal Information & Cultural Service and integrated State Service  declared by the Government on 25/2/2016. And come into force on same date. All Officers holding different post under pre-revised scale No.16,17 and 18 were included into the Service. Accordingly I included in to the same service from 25/2/2016 in the scale No.16.
    In this circumstances after continues satisfactory service without any promotion /MCAS between   7/4/2006 and 25/2/2016 department allowed benefit of MCAS’01 for 8 years of service in the Pay Band 4A of Rs.15600—42000/- with G Pay Rs.6,600/- w.e.f 25/02/2016 vide FD Memo. No.3015-F dated 13/03/2001 read with 3669-ICA dated 25/9/18.
    So w.e.f 1/7/15 Pay fixed Rs.27,740/- (Rs.BP Rs.22340, GP 5400/- in the Pay Band 4B4A of Rs.15,600—42000 under WBS (ROPA) Rules’09 as Assistant Director.
    As per option MCAS w.e.f 1/7/2016 Pay fixed Rs.30640 (BP Rs.24,040 + G Pay Rs.6,600/-)w.e.f 1/07/2016 in the  Pay Band Rs.15600-42,000/- with G Pay Rs.6,600/-under MCAS’01,for completion of 8 years without any promotion. On 1/7/2017 in the same Pay Band reached at Rs.31,560/-(BP Rs.24,960/-+ GP Rs.6,600/-
    After transferred on promotion as DD (Category B) w.e.f 01/12/2017 in the Pay band PB 4A Rs.15600/—42,00/- with G P Rs.6,600/- vide Dept. notification eligible to get promotional fixation benefit in the promotional post of Dy. Director and submit option w.e.f 01/12/2017 on the date of promotion. Pay fixed at Rs.32,510/- (BP Rs.25,910/-+ Grade Pay Rs.6,600/-w.e.f 1/12/2017 Pay band PB 4A of Rs.15600/-  42,000/- with GP Rs.6,600/-(Rule 11 of WBS (ROPA)Rules’09 read with para 3 of F D M No.2728F  dt. 07/04/2009. Such as pay reached Rs.33,490/-(BP Rs.26890+ GP 6,600/-) w.e.f 01/07/01/07/2018 in the same pay band and normal increment
    Date of Entry in Service 24/1/1980 ,  date of Superannuation was 31/01/2019
    1) Please calculate my pay etc as per New Pay commission
    2) My Pension not yet revised after getting promotion.SB is now at AG. So my basic pension  is Rs.15165/- As. Emoluments for F P Rs.30.330/-(BP Rs24930/-+GP Rs.5400/-)Please calculate my revised Pension as per New Pay commission . 3) I have received  Gratuity of Rs.6,00,000/- as previous order. Please calculate revised Gratuity as New Pay Commission. Please  guide me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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