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    Dear sir i retaired from wb govt. Service on 30.06.2012 as s.v.do at that time 30.06.2012 my basic pay was rs/- 20,990 & gp -4600 in pay band pb4(9000-40500) on 30.06.2012 i was promored as D.S.O in the payband pb4(9000-40500) with gp- 4800

    What will be my basic pay & other allowances on 30.06.2012 as D.S.O .please give me a calculation sheet of pay fixation.please solve my problem its verry urgnt….


    Sorry, I can not understand of your question. Please write details again.


    amar baba 30.06.2012 te retrd krechen uni (s.v.do) chilen onar gp 4600( pb-4) r retrd r smy basic chilo rs/- 20990….trpor promotn ordr noye case chle caser rai possetv hoate court D.S.O te promote kreche D.S.O R gp -4800

    akhn questn holo j retrd date thke pay foxatn kre akhn koto basic hbe r arear koto hbe sthe onnano allownce… jodi blte pren khub upokrito hoi


    Unable to answer without seeing the promotional Order copy and other relevant papers / documents.


    order copy pathalm


    pls reply din


    As far as my understanding regarding the order is concerned the promotion was awarded w.e.f 30/06/2012 so the pay should be fixed notionally w.e.f 30/06/2012 after allowing one increment owing to promotion and Grade pay of the higher post. If the basic at the time of retirement was 20990 (Band Pay+Grade Pay) then the notional basic w.e.f 30/06/2012 after allowing promotional benefit should be 20990 +630 (promotional incr)+200 (diff of GP)=21820. As the promotion was notional so there is a high possibility that the pension w.e.f 01/07/2012 may be fixed notionally so question of arrears may not be applicable here. Moreover, actual effect of this re-fixation of pension may be effective w.e.f the date as ordered by the Court. As the judgement copy is not available so it is not possible to comment in this regard.


    thnkx alot its vrry hlpfull relly thnkxxx




    Reply given by Mr R. Banerjee in a lucid manner is praiseworthy. He is correct. Allowing arrear in case of notionally increased pay is subject to the consideration of higher authority. Generally it is denied on the ground that the employee did not serve the departmentment in the notionally promoted post.


    thnkx sir

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