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    Hello sir, I m working in ONGC right now . I have given technical resignation in delhi police and joined ongc. My pay scale in Delhi police was 9300-38800 grade pay 4200. Here in ongc pay scale is 12000-27000. What is pay protection.what will be protected.what is basic pay . While pay protection will they consider my grade pay.Is there any ruling for pay protection for central govt. Employee joining psu

    As per ongc they have protected my 9300 +DA. Is grade pay also protected because they are not considering 4200 gp in my basic pay
    Kindly help


    Sir, please provide following information:-

    a. the last basic pay at delhi police incl. gp.
    b. entry level basic pay at ongc.
    c. your basic pay at ongc after pay protection.


    My basic pay in delhi police was 13500 after gp (9300+4200=13500)
    And in ongc it is 12000…after pay protection it is 12740.


    As central government protects the basic and IDA of psu inductee to govt, so the same principle be followed in psu for inductee from govt. You will have to represent accordingly.


    Sir have you got any order or ruling for that I will be very thankful to you


    Govt protects pay of candidates coming from PSU etc by application of FR 22, GIO (27)…but similar corresponding provision should have been there in the PSU where you are going to join….but for getting the position you will have to represent to PSU I.e. ONGC….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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