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    H.S school with Science , Arts and Commerce stream. Whether we should take any special permission from council for implementation in commerce stream 1.Costing& Taxation 2. Auditing as combination subject where at present only two subject viz. accountancy and Business studies are taught by commerce teacher.
    Further what should we do in taking permission for implementing new combination subject(such as Education,Home Science etc) in Arts stream?


    As the commerce stream is already functional in your school, you need not take any special permission from the Council for 1. Costing & Taxation and 2. Annual Audit because the total calculation is deemed to include all the money incurred by the H.S. section involving all the three streams in a particular Financial Year.

    As for your second query, please go to the following link to understand the procedure in details: Introduction of New Subjects for H.S. in Govt. aided/ Sponsored Schools – WBXPress. I am also posting the instructional circular in this regard.


    1) Is there any HONS/PG teacher (s) of the intended subject in your school ? If yes, then his/her no objection/declaraton letter to the school authority mentioning “I agree to take classes of (name of Subject), for the students interest and agree to examine the answer scripts if I selected as an examiner for this subject in future. I shall not claim any extra remuneration/ higher scale to take the classes………
    2) Candidate’s mark sheet, certificate, approval of appointment……….
    3) MC resolution for introduce the subject (s)
    4) Forwarding letter to the Deputy Secretary (Academic), WBCHSE, Vidyasagar Bhavan, 9/2 Block, DJ, Sector-II, Salt Lake, Kol-91. (You may get information from this building -5th floor)


    Generally, we do not have any subject teacher of a commerce subjects or some of arts subjects (like Pol. Science, Philosophy, Education, Home Science ete) in the normal section of a school. In that case also, you can have permission to introduce/ continue/ or extend the tennure of a subject teaching by appointing Part Time Teachers on purely temporary basis and without pay for one academic session and you will have to repeat the same process and obtain the subject permission from the Council every year. Following documents are recuired for the purpose:

    1. Copy of MC Resolution to appoint Part Time Teacher mentioning the Terms and Conditions (You will have the terms and conditions in the NOC attached in this post)
    2. Copy of Appointment Letter mentioning the Terms and Conditions (Format attached herewith)
    3. No Objection Certificate (Declaration) from the joining teacher in the prescribed format (attached herewith).
    4. Joining Report of the teacher (Format attached herewith)
    5. Copy of Maksheets and Certificates (MP onwards)
    6. No Litigation Certificate
    7. Validity of the MC
    8. Staff Pattern
    9. Forwarding Letter
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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