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Qualification of a AHM .

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    I m a pass graduate teacher and completed my Hons. and M.sc without the permission of M.C and DI .Can i apply for the AHM at the same school ? Please supply all GOs in support of your answer .


    No, you are not illegible for this post.
    Minimum qualification(s):-
    (1) Hons/P.G scale
    (2) Minimum 5 years of teaching experience.
    *** Have you applied for permission to your M.C.?
    **** Did your school send the same to the D.I.?
    ***** Is the Hons/P.G degree the same with your appointment?
    If all answer are yes, then you can apply to your D.I.for the POSTFACTO permission of those degree.


    Dear Mihiracharya,
    I am assistance teacher of secondary school. When I was appointed, I had Hons degree and later I did Master degree(Distance) and B.ed also distance mode. Am I Illegible for the post of assistance Headmaster. Can you please let me know the latest rules and regulation for the AHM?
    Thanking you


    Please find it.


    You may also find the two following files helpful to your cause.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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