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Resignation while on Deputation for B.Ed

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      Can anyone please inform whether any teacher can resign his/her post while being on deputation for B.Ed?


        Before going on deputation a teacher had to submit a written undertaking to serve the institution atleast 3 years after completion of B.Ed. However, if the teacher want a resignation, he/she must have to refund the whole amount of deputation allowance received during the entire period of deputation.
        Please visit: https://wbxpress.com/topic/signing-of-bond-before-going-for-b-ed-training-from-school/


          I want to add more few points :-
          1) So, deputation period is cancelled.
          2) Deputation has been started from July. So, from July to present,this period will be with out pay and regards as break of service. Who will condone this break ?
          3) The resignation should be submit to the concerned college, because the release order once given from school. So the school can not accept the resignation.
          4) In such case the service continuation may not be availed by the candidate.
          5) In fact, if any one do so, then he may start his service from the very beginning.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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