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    Respected Sirs and Administrators,
    I have recently been selected as a TR in the mc of our school. Kindly inform me the roles and duties of the TRs in a High School and oblige…thank u.


    Role of T.R in M.C are to participate all the discussion in M.C regarding Schools and to give their suggestion, but Teacher’s Representative are in M.C from the part of Teachers, so T.R should specially discuss (when necessary) regarding Teachers problems in M.C; like Teachers leave application, any kind of N.O.C requirement, up to date of service book … … etc.


    Thank u , I m honrd being infrmd…Respectd Torkona…Kindly mention the G.O s or books if any in this regard, again thanking u and inviting sugstion from all other membrs…


    I’m sorry to say that there was not a single line in H.M’s manual regarding role of T.R in M.C-
    But please think carefully, T.R’s are……..
    1. At first the members of M.C i.e members of a committee, whose duty is to thinking about various matter of School. Now when a discussion is going in M.C what will be the role of a member (may be T.R, H.M, Secretary, President…….)? They should participate the discussion and give their suggestion either in favor or not.
    2. Secondly Teacher’s representative, Now since they are the representative of Teachers, they must be discuss regarding any problem of their Staff.
    This is why structure of M.C was created such a way so that everybody’s voice was reflected in M.C through their representative.
    1. H.M -> Part of School administration
    2. Guardian’s representative -> Part of the guardians from different village.
    3. Panchayat nominee -> Part of the local party
    3. Teacher’s representative -> Part of the Teachers
    4. Non-teaching representative -> Part of the Gr-C and Gr-D
    5. S.I of Schools -> Part of the Govt.
    So, everybody’s duty is to find the solution of the problems of their origin and thinking about the different matters regarding Schools.
    Thanks, I just share my experience (as I’m a T.R in my School) and my knowledge.


    Thanks 4 the valuable suggestions Sir


    Plz help Sir, If an AT does not take the stdnts atndnce rgstr with him and ask the H.M to send it by the peon in the 1st clas of the day,and the register remains blank daily , what action can be taken against him ? Is there any norms ? Being a TR what role can I play ???


    If such types of problems was discussed in Manual then volume of the Manual will be “Saat kanda Ramayana”. This types of problems should be solved within the staffs. If not then M.C should take the statement from both the A.T & H.M and try to solve the matter. If not then M.C should put down the true matter in the resolution and may forward it to the D.I.
    Actually the matter, as per my understanding is-
    A.T- Carrying the attendance register of students up to class room is not a duty of an A.T, it’s a duty of Gr-D staff.
    H.M- No no it’s your duty……..
    Now the final result is, attendance register remains blank which is unhealthy and unexpected from a school.
    Is this “Bou ke mere jhi ke shiksha deuya“. Please try to solve the original problem which happens in your school, then this types of ‘after effect‘ will never come.
    Thanks, which I said as per my guessing.

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