Salary of New Entrant Junior Engineer

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    How much shall a newly appointed Junior Engineer (PB4) Rs. 9000+Gp Rs4400+da+hra+ma get in hand?

    Please provide detailed break-up


    Band Pay 9000
    Grade Pay 4400
    DA 11390
    HRA 2010
    MA 300

    Gross = 27100

    Then GPF, GIS, PTAX shall be deducted.


    Sorry !
    IR – Rs.900/- shall be added with Gross.
    Gross – Rs.28000/-

    PTAX Rs.150/-
    GISS Rs.80/-


    thank u so much sir…however, what is IR and GISS? Besides, won’t there be deduction for EMPLOYEE PROVIDENT FUND?
    If so how much?


    Its my pleasure !
    I have stated about Junior Engnr. of Govt. WB.
    EPF is not related to Govt. Service.
    In case of Govt. service General Provident Fund(GPF) is deducted in place of Employee Provident Fund(EPF).

    Yes ! GPF will be deducted after allotment of GPF account number.

    Deduction of 6% of Basic Pay (Band Pay + Grade Pay) is mandatory. There is no higher limit.

    Interim Relief is awarded by Govt.of WB to every Govt. staff @ 10 % of Band Pay.

    GISS is a package of Savings and Insurance.
    Out of Rs.80/-
    Savings = Rs. 56/-
    Insurance = Rs. 24/-

    Contributions to Savings fund will be returned to you at the time of retirement
    and benefit of insurance is given only if an employee dies in harness.


    We’ll remain extremely grateful to you for briefing us on all the aspects. Thanks again. :-)
    May God bless you always.


    You are welcome !
    Its my pleasure !
    We all are friend here !
    We must brief one another so far our knowledge goes.
    I am also a learner……
    No need to express your gratefulness to me !
    But we are all grateful to this forum AskWb.
    Salute !


    In which group does a Junior Engineer belong to under the Govt. of WB? Is it a gazetted post?


    It is a Group ‘A’ post.
    Once upon a time Govt. staffs were classified into three group.
    Those are Gezetted, Non-Gazetted, Class IV staff
    Now a days this procedure is abolished and Govt. staffs are classified into four Group.
    Such as
    Group A
    Group B
    Group C
    Group D


    Sir, is there any benefits to a junior engineer having higher qualifications like B.tech & M.tech ?
    is there any improvement in pay scale ?


    how many years’ of experience is required to get promotion from junior engineer to Assistant engineer having essential qualifications ?

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