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Student in trouble

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    One of our passout student is facing a serious problem. Please help me to help the student. The student has passed the M.P. in 2006. When his admid card came then the father’s name was printed wrong. Then the H.M. of our school said him to appeared the M.P. with the wrong name. He said at that time that due to ignorance or otherwise he should take action later. But after passing the exam it was obvious that the name of his father printed in the certificate was also wrong. Now what can we do now to save the student from facing more problems. Please help.


    Father’s name can be corrected. Please ask the student to visit the Regional centre concerned (Record section) for the procedure. As the case is very old, he may require to get permission of the secretary/President of WBBSE for persuing the procedure.
    He may need the following document ready
    1. photo copy of the page of admission register(where his name is entered) duly verified by the D.I of schools( may be done of the ADI also or the secretary of the regional centre.
    2. Voter’s Card(if available)
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Affidebit before a first class magistrate
    5. Paper cutting (if any)
    6. Forwarding letter by the HM of the school (From where he passed
    7. Requistite fee in approprite challan at the counter of the regional center or by DD
    8. Application in prescribed Form available in the regional centres
    9. Photocopy of all the documents (i.e. Admit, Registration Certificate, Certificate etc)


    Secretary or President of WB BSE permitted case
    Can be solved by appropriate authority, discrepancy occurs but following due procedure can be corrected for lifetime.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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