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    I joined as an Asstt. Teacher with honours qualification in 2007. I have cleared my MA Part I before joining. I continued my study with permission of MC and DI of Schools. I did complete my MAPart II in June 2008. My all necessary papers were submitted many times for study Leave approval from West Bengal Secondary Board Of Education. But , yet I have not got any leave approval . Last year in the month of July I submitted all required documents myself by hand. No reply . In this situation MC and DI can allow me higher scale or not. It is very necessary of leave approval from board for higher scale. Please suggest me what should I do.


    There is no relation between ‘study leave’ and ‘higher scale’. If you continue your study in the same subject with the permission of the DI, then you apply to get higher scale to the secretary of your school. The S/A will arrange (apply) for higher scale to the DIS(SE). If your study leave is not approved by the Board, then the school authority may deduct the days from your leave account. If there is no balance in your leave account, then the school may grant EOL.
    In this connection, my suggestion is about study leave you will have to meet with the authority of WBBSE. There will be no result in writing. If all procedure ( for higher studies) is correctly made then you may go to get help from LAW. As you have joined after clearing your Part I, The Expenditure Act -2005, will not effect on your case.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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