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      Please help us……….
      Situation :
      “A Teacher Representative (T.R.) of Managing Committee (M.C.) of our School (Government Sponsored, Higher Secondary School) had been the interim Teacher-in-charge (T.I.C.) of the school until the new Head-Master came. Since He had been the T.I.C., the post of T.R. in M.C. remained vacant throughout his entire tenure of one year. Having been T.I.C., he successfully completed all the works appertained to her post and finally made over the charge to the new H.M. Now he has been serving this institution in the capacity of a mere assistant Teacher.”
      Question: Is he being entitled to reinstate to his earlier position in M.C. ?
      Please solve our problem and kindly supply the supporting documents (G.O. or circular)


        Dear KOUSTUVA07,
        An HM may be the Secretary or Joint Secretary, according to his designation. But a TIC can not hold the same post. Is he/she resigned from his/her T.R. post ? If such happened ( resigned from the post of TR), then the committee ought to select another member of T.R from other teachers by election (not to co-opt.). Now you know that the existing M.C. is continued till to further M.C. formation. ( in order to being converted to Sponsored School). So, the present situation, the matter should be ignored and wait for the order to reconstruction of the MC.


          he had not resigned yet……….


            1) He/ she did not resign from his/her post (TR), and he/ she acted as the TIC.
            2) Now, new HM has joined and the said TIC is now an assistance teacher.
            3) The MC did not take ( by election) another member from teaching staff during this interim period.
            ** So, I think if he/she wants to act as a TR Member as before, then there is no problem.
            *** Otherwise, you may ask to the President of the WBBSE.
            Thanks a lot.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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