Urgent: HRA Tax Benefit in case of Govt Housing Residents

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    I (medical officer,grp A) live in govt housing(RHE),in that case can anyone clarify the tax benefit regarding house rent allowance? In my pay slip HRA is shown in salary along with other denominations (BP,GP,NPP), and it is deducted in the head of HOVHSDED ( below it is showing Government housing scheme). So,now should I have to include HRA in my gross salary or it can be exempted? If yes,how?
    Somewhere I heard that in case of govt housing residents’ HRA is not admissable,so it should not be shown in pay slip and should not be included in gross salary.Please anyone help regarding this matter and if possible with appropriate GO.


    If anyone resides in govt quarter then HRA is simply not allowed. It is wrong method to show in due part and then deduct the same. You should calculate your gross pay excluding the HRA as it was wrongly done by DDO. If it is shown then your taxable income will rise and there is no scope for claiming the HRA benefit as you have not reside at rented house (private).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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