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    Am an assistant teacher in WB (appointed through SSC 2012, joined in December 2013). I was on Leave for 6 months (June 2016 to Dec 2016) due to medical reason. The first few days were compensated from my leave balance & the rest of the days were LOP.
    After I joined school on Dec 2016, have already in service for more than 6 months. Now, since I was on leave last year, I did not get the increment of July 2016, but my school is processing my increment for 2017 this July.

    My question is, am I entitled to get last year’s increment as well (may be later/ as arear)? If yes, how?

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    Your school ought to allow an increment on 01/07/2016, and you will get increment on 01/07/2017 notionally and will get financial benefit from December, 2017 (count days)


    Thanks Mr Acharya. My school has already processed next annual increment on 01/07/2017 & the HM is reluctant to issue the notional increment (for the prev year), as it seems he is not allowed to issue 2 increments together (a min gap of 6 months).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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