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What is the broad scheme of GST?

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    GST is one of common tax for all products. I need to know about all schemes and plans GST rates fixing. Did you have any details about that? I want broad points and taxed products for this page. Please anybody supply the new information and modern related things that covered under the GST. I am getting some books and related journals from download by the way of online. It is given knowledge for supply of goods to other countries. Please convey the messages about different types of GST’s are levied in India.
    The points should be getting the attractive type of manner and it should be given brief also to the reader. I have also searching in more ways in online. Government approved GST Provider is needed for me. It is having updating and important sources about calculation of GST rates. I am getting all products and rate of GST are added. But it is not clear for me. It is having some of confusion. I need to solve the issues by you. so please help me via chat. If you are able to come by online chat means please given your contact details here. It is very important for me. I need to submit the record to my teen tomorrow.
    It must be perfect and covered all types of required details. My record can be checked by the 3 persons. So please give me only accurate and real points only here. What is that scheme? Did you know about that means tell me? My father is helping for using format and structure for GST Plans to submit. Broad details are needed. I am also still searching the experts advices and assistances for tracking those information from online. I hope my friends to submit details about broad scheme of GST and available plans in India.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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