Transfer of School Teacher by SED as per request of SSC

KOLKATA – 700091

No. 633-SL/5S-358/19 Date: 16/10/2020


Whereas, the State Government is discharging statutory responsibility of wellbeing of the employees of the recognized Government-aided/ sponsored schools in the State of West Bengal from all concerns and in view of the same, the State Government had entrusted duties upon the School Service Commission for making recommendation of transfer of employees from one school to another school on receiving application from them keeping in view of their convenience and

Whereas, the School Service Commission, due to lack of infrastructure and thin human resources, is unable to perform the said duties since long, resulting in frustration amongst the employees of the Schools and

Whereas, the School Service Commission vide its latter No. 588/4516/(III)/CSSC/Estt./2020 dated. 14.10.2020 has prayed for temporary suspension from the duties imposed upon it regarding transfer of employees due to huge workload relating to the conduction of selection process of employees of schools, absence of regular Chairman of the Commission, various court cases and thin human resources and

Whereas, the State Government owes the responsibility of administering all educational institutions referred hereto under the Constitutional framework and thereby authorized to issue appropriate order which is considered expedient for the purpose of general welfare of the employees of the Schools and

Now, therefore, in consideration of the above, and on the basis of the aforesaid requests made by the School Service Commission, the State Government is hereby pleased to direct that henceforth, all the aspirant seeking transfer of any kind from one school to another school, shall apply to the Commissioner School Education in the manner as may be notified by the State Government and the authority concerned, on considering the each application on merit, may recommend to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education for issuance of formal order of transfer in appropriate cases, till the situation improves or until further order, whichever is earlier.

Sd/- Principal Secretary

No. 633-SL dated 16.10.2020, Source