Cadres relating to Typist declared as Dying Cadre

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 1583-F(P) dated 21.02.2012.


In keeping with the advancement of science and technology use of computer in the Government offices has become inevitable and mostly the same is now used in all offices largely. Thus the work of typing in type-writer has been replaced by Computer in the context of above reality and with a view to adopt the modern technology the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to say that the Governor has been pleased to declare the cadres relating to use type-writer machines in Government establishments namely, Typist, Clerk-cum-Typist, Typist-cum-Clerk, Typist Clerk, Clerk-Typist as the nomenclature may be, including their promotional cadre/post as dying cadre with immediate effect subject to the following terms and conditions:

(i) Existing vacant post/posts in the basic grade in any of the above categories shall not be filled up.

(ii) Existing vacant basic grade post/posts of all such categories shall be converted to Lower Division Assistant or Lower Division Clerk, as the case may be with immediate effect.

(iii) Basic grade post/posts of any such categories as and when fall vacant by way of promotion or retirement or otherwise shall, forthwith be converted to the posts of Lower Division Assistant or Lower Division Clerk as the case may be.

(iv) After the basic grade post/posts of any such categories are exhausted, the next promotional post of such categories namely Typist Grade – I, Clerk-cum-Typist Grade – I etc. Of any nomenclature as and when fall vacant shall forthwith be converted to the post/posts of Lower Division Assistant or Lower Division Clerk as the case may be and similar action shall be taken in respect of second promotional post and then third promotional post and so on, if any.

The posts so converted as in (ii), (iii) & (iv) above shall be transferred to the respective cadres of LDA/LDC forthwith.

(v) Existing promotional prospects of the employees holding such categories of posts shall remain unaltered. The posts of LDA/LDC so transferred from the cadre of the Typist/Typist-Clerk/Clerk-Typist shall not count towards creation of the post of UDA/UDC under 1:1 promotion policy till all such posts of Typist, Typist-Clerk etc. in different grades are exhausted.

2. Cadre controlling authorities in respect of all such posts shall take action accordingly.

Sd/- A.K.Das
Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1583-F dated 21.02.2012


March 29, 2022