Warning regarding Use of Fake Non-Judicial Stamp Papers

KOLKATA – 700 001

Circular No. 05 Dated 20.12.11

It has been brought to the notice of the undersigned that the use of fake non-judicial stamp papers are being attempted in different registration offices of the State by some unscrupulous persons. This is a matter of grave concern. Proper checking of non-judicial stamp papers at the time of presentation of documents, as far as practicable, is therefore necessary. Registering officers are directed to check distinguishing marks of the N. J. Stamp papers to see that no such case escapes their notice. The fastness of colour can be judged by watering it with a tip of water and then rubbing it. In case of forged N. J. Stamp papers, the colour will be faded to some extent. Though it is a prima facie checking, it would yield fruitful results as was evident from our past experiences in some cases.

(2) It is hereby directed that all the Registering Officers shall keep strict vigil so that fake non-judicial stamp papers can not be used by the unscrupulous persons for the purpose of registration of documents and that-Licensed Stamp Vendors can perform their business in a proper and lawful manner as per existing Acts and Rules.

(3) Non-judicial stamp papers if procured from link treasury will be accepted subject to attachment of copy of challans

(4) At present, highest amount of N. J. stamp papers which a Licensed Stamp Vendor can vend in one case through one or more numbers of small denominations is Rs. 5000/- Multiple use of 5000/- denomination stamp papers for a single document must be checked thoroughly.

(5) It is learnt from the office of the Collector of Kolkata that the printing of high value stamp papers (Rs. 10,0001- to 25,0001-) have been discontinued by the Government. Registering officers should be more cautious while accepting deeds containing high value stamp papers as the circulation of such stamp papers will come to zero very soon.

(6) Non-judicial stamp papers purchased from out side jurisdiction or from Kolkata Collectorate shall be accepted only after proper verification of challan etc.

(7) All the licensed stamp vendors should be instructed to supply two copies of passport size photographs with a specimen signature to the Registering Officers concerned for verification and record through their competent controlling authority.

(8) Treasury verification of the circulation of denomination-wise NJ. stamp papers from the respective treasury should be made from time to time.

(9) District Registrars will issue necessary instruction to the Registering Officers for strict implementation of the circular and will also make wide publicity of this circular through the respective Registering Officers among the Advocates, Deed Writers and Copy writers of each registration office.

(10) Proper notice should be displayed in a conspicuous place of the office by the Registering Officers so that the non-judicial stamp papers are procured only from the Treasuries or Licensed Stamp Vendors as the case may be.

(11) In course of inspection of the Registration Offices, the District Registrars will also inspect, inter-alia, whether this circular is being properly followed and submit a quarterly report to the Inspector General of Registration and Commissioner of Stamp Revenue regularly.

(12) Apart from normal inspection, the Deputy Inspector General of Registrations will also pay frequent surprise visits to the offices in order to find out whether the circular is being meticulously followed or not and will submit quarterly report to the Inspector General of Registration and Commissioner of Stamp Revenue positively.

Sd/- Biswajit Gangopadhyay
Additional Secretary, Finance Department &
Inspector General of Registration &
Commissioner of Stamp Revenue, West Bengal

No. 05 dated 20.12.2011, Source

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