Monitoring Vehicles carrying School Children in Kolkata

Government of West Bengal
Transport Department
Paribahan Bhawan
12, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 001

No. 2625-WT/3M-10/2013 Date: 05.07.2016


WHEREAS, a good number of buses, cabs and small cars are used in Kolkata city for carrying school children to respective schools and their return journey;

AND, WHEREAS, in recent time some incidents have taken place whereby such vehicles carrying school children have met road accidents causing damage to vehicles and injuries to the passengers;

AND, WHEREAS, in terms of this Department No. 764-WT/SM-10 dated 08.03.2013 specific directions have been issued to the owners and operators of such vehicles carrying school children for compliance of various provisions of law;

AND, WHEREAS, Hon’ble Apex Court has issued certain directions in the matter of WP. (Civil) No. 13029 of 1985 for compliance by the owners of school buses;

NOW THEREFORE, the Governor is pleased to constitute 5 (five) Special Groups of Officers duly empowered hereunder in order to monitor and enforce all the provisions of law and directions of the Apex Court in respect of the vehicles carrying school children in the city of Kolkata. The Groups will work, in addition to normal duties of the concerned officers under overall supervision and control of the Director, PVD and furnish weekly reports on every Monday thorough him to the Principal Secretary, Transport Department. This will take effect on and from 14.07.2016 and the arrangement will remain in place until further order.

Group – I (South – West part of Kolkata)

  1. Susanta Adhikari, MVI (T), PVD
  2. Rakesh Mondal, MVI(T), PVD
  3. Surajit Das, MVI (T), PVD

Group – II (South – East part of Kolkata)

  1. Chinta Seth, MVI (T), Alipore
  2. Anirban Biswas, MVI (NT), Alipore
  3. Bhaskar Dey, MVI (NT), Alipore

Group – III (Central Kolkata)

  1. Utpal Mondal, MVI (T), Howrah
  2. Biswanath Routh, MVI (NT), Howrah
  3. Biplab Mondal, MVI (NT), Howrah

Group -IV (Areas adjoining to Bidhannagar)

  1. Rathin Majumder, MVI (T), Barrackpore
  2. Barun Mondal, MVI (NT), Barrackpore
  3. Anindya Ghosh, MVI (NT), Barasat

Group – V (North Kolkata beyond Shyambazar)

  1. Pijush Kr. Saha, MVI (T), PVD
  2. Mintu Bala, MVI (NT), PVD
  3. Enamul Kabir, MVI (NT), Barasat

By order of the Governor

Sd/-B. Dasgupta
Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 2625-WT dated 05.07.2016

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