Deputation of State Govt. Employees as per WBSR

Deputation of State Govt. Employees to other Governments, Departments, Companies, Corporations etc.

Principles of admissibility:

  1. The term deputation will cover only appointments made by transfer on a temporary basis outside the regular line and in the public interest.
  2. Appointments of serving Government servants made either by promotion or by direct recruitment in competition with open market candidates, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, will not be regarded as a deputation. Similarly permanent appointment made by transfer will not also be treated as deputation.
  3. The question whether the transfer is outside the regular line or not, where there is any doubt, shall be decided by the Government.

Exercise of Option:

  1. An employee on deputation may elect to draw either the pay in the scale of pay of the deputation post as may be fixed under the normal rules or his basic pay in the parent departmental plus deputation allowance.
  2. The option once exercised shall be final when
  • such an employee receives proforma promotion in his parent department under the next below rule or is reverted to a lower grade in the parent department or is appointed to another grade in the new department, and
  • when the scale of the deputation post or that of the post held by a deputationist in his parent cadre is revised.

Rates of Drawal:

The deputation allowance shall be admissible at the following rates:

  • 5% of the basic pay, subject to a maximum of Rs. 500/- p.m. when the transfer is within the same station.
  • 10% of the basic pay, subject to a maximum of Rs. 1000/- p.m. in all other cases.

Provided that the basic pay plus deputation allowance shall at no time exceed maximum of the pay scale of the parent post or the maximum of the pay scale of the deputation post or Rs. 22400/- p.m. whichever is higher. Also provided that the post to which the Government servant is deputed does not carry identical, equivalent or lower scale of pay.

In order that no employee receives an abnormal pay increase by virtue of being posted on deputation, the authority ordering the deputation will ensure that the minimum pay in the scale of pay of the deputation post is not substantially in excess of his basic pay plus deputation allowance at prescribed rates. Where such minimum substantially exceeds the basic pay of the employee in his parent department, the appointing authorities should apply the provisions of Rule 58 of WBSR and specially restrict the pay of the deputationist to a suitable figure below the minimum pay of the post.

For the sake of uniformity the pay allowed under Rule 58, ibid, should not exceed the basic pay of the deputationist by more than the amounts shown below:

 Sl. No Basic Pay Amount
1 Employees in receipt of basic pay above Rs. 8000/- p.m. 8% of basic pay or Rs. 800/- whichever is more.
2 Employees in receipt of basic pay above Rs. 3000/- and up to Rs. 8000/- p.m. 10% of basic pay or Rs. 375/- whichever is more.
3 Employees in receipt of basic pay of and below Rs. 3000/- p.m. 12.5% of basic pay.

Promotion of Persons drawing Deputation Allowance:

When a person already on deputation is to be appointed to another post by the borrowing authority, the borrowing authority should obtain the concurrence of the lending authority prior to such appointment, so that the latter might decide as to how the pay in another post is to be fixed.

Period of drawing Deputation Allowance:

  1. The period of deputation shall be usually subject to a maximum of 3 years in all cases, except for those posts where a longer period of tenure is specifically prescribed.
  2. Administrative Departments may grant extension beyond this limit up to one year in the cases where such extension is considered necessary in the public interest. Extension beyond this 4 years period will require the specific approval of the Finance Department. No deputation allowance will be allowed for such extension, if agreed to by the Finance Department.

Relevant Memo Nos are 9326-F dated 12.10.79, 7871-F dated 13.07.84, 10924-F dated 20.12.85, 4276-F dated 03.05.90, 3728-F dated 26.04.99.



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  1. Dibakar Mondal says

    I would like to know the appropriate order no. where it is stated that the period of Deputation of West Bengal employee to any central government office can be extended beyond three years.

  2. Shraddha Nandkumar Khadke says

    One of my friend had been deputed for higher education for two years by higher authority. Now they are refusing to count this as part of service .please tell whether it will be counted in service or not.
    Thank you.

  3. Narendar Kumar says

    Previously pay during deputation was restricted only up to one stage higher. Now this condition has been withdrawn. Kindly intimate the date of effect of this change.

  4. naveen says

    i would like to know the rules for deputation on OOD because without my request our director given order for deputation on OOD in bangalore but my place of work is at hobli level so i will not get HRA of Bangalore here so please any one tell me that deputation on OOD is possible by higher athority with out requisition.

  5. santanu sengupta says

    Sir, I have been working on deputation in Jhargram Police District from Purba Medinipur Dist. as Head Assistant, Police Office with effect from 04.08.2011 till date…. Can I get deputation allowance during the period? If yes, kindly tell me the procedure of prayer and Govt. Rules thereof. Y/F

  6. Arun Lal says

    I am PGT in haryana school education department on regular base from November 2012 while my wife is TGT in Delhi Govt. school on regular basis .Can I or She be deputed in Delhi or Haryana respectively in education department or other department on same grade pay.

  7. Rajesh Khandelwal says

    Sir, If a person joins on deputation to other inter-department then let me know that all the benefits of parent department are applicable on him or not and what is the maximum period of deputation as per norm in rajasthan govt.

  8. deepthi says


    A person(Government employee) who works on deputation post(autonomous body) can he apply to particular post if call for came at the time he on deputation.

  9. Bijoy Rai says

    Sir, I am working in deputation in DGHC Darjeeling just now GTA. I am getting old scale deputation allowance instead of new scale .Please tell me if I have right of new scale of deputation allowance?

  10. CHANDAN GORAI says

    I would like to know the appropriate order no. where it is stated that the period of Deputation of West Bengal employee can be extended upto five years.