Enrollment under Health Scheme Extended

The existing and retired Govt. employees who have not yet enrolled their names under the health scheme may be allowed to enroll their names within 31.03.12.

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 8435-F(MED), dated 29.08.2011


The existing and retired State Government Employees are getting the benefits of the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 w.e.f. 01-06-2009 and enrollment under the scheme was open up to 31-12-2010. Now the Governor is pleased to order that the existing and retired Government employees who have not yet enrolled their names under the health scheme may be allowed to enroll their names during the period from 01.09.2011 to 31.03.2012 following provisions of the Scheme.

2. The existing and retired Government Employees who are not enrolling their names under the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 by 31.03.2012 shall not be eligible to get the benefits of the Scheme in future.

3. New entrant into Government Service shall, however, be allowed to exercise option and complete enrollment under the Scheme within two years of their appointment in Government Service.

4. An existing or retired employee enrolled under the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 shall not be eligible to be enrolled again if he / she opts out of the scheme for whats ever reason.

By Order of the Governor

Sd/- C.M. Bachhawat
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 8435-F dated 29.08.2011

Update: Extension of Time Period upto 31.03.2015 for Enrolment under WBHS


  1. sun says

    Laproscopic Cholecystectomy(gall bladder stone) done in Class-I Hospital.But biopsy (HPI) done in WBHS non enlisted laboratory.This test not done this class-I hospital.This Biopsy bill whether claimed or not claimed?kindly inform

  2. Bhudeb Nath Banerjee says

    Hello, I just came to know about the West Bengal Health Scheme, I am a retired employee. It will be good to know the following

    1. How can I register for this scheme
    2.Where are the forms available
    3.Where do I need to submit the forms
    4. Is it possible to register online
    5.Is there a last date for registration


    My father retired at 1995 from tcnical edu depr , is he now eligible under w.b.health scheme ,where i will contact?

  4. Summit Samadder says

    A Govt. employee who is already enrolled into WBHS’08 wants to include some dependent members ( for e.g.mother/Unmarried sister) as they were not previously included. Are they entitled to do that? please state.

    • Arindam Sengupta says

      I am an enrolled member under the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008. I want to include the name of my newly born daughter as beneficiary. Shall I be issued a fresh Certificate of Enrollment (Form B) cancelling the previous certificate? What will be the serial number of my new I.D. Card?


    I was enlisted WB health scheme2008.Now I shall not hearing properly.So one Hearing
    machine require.you help me the proper procedure and any recently Gazet about purchase
    of Hearing Aid.
    chitta 21/06/2013 19:45:12

  6. Khokan Ghosh says

    Pls. send me the last of enrolment under west bengal health scheme 2008. So far as i know the last date of enrolment is 31.03.12
    Is it not extended?

  7. Md Jahangir Sk says

    I am a beneficiaries of W.B.H. S-2008 , my mother is pension holder , deduction of medical allowance and my grandmother is widow and dependable . question No.1. whether unemployed grandmother may be included with in the facility of W.B.H.Scheme of the entombment ? .

  8. Siddhartha Saha says

    If one spouse is working in Central Govt. and other spouse is working in state Govt. aided school of W.B. under receipt of Rs 300/- Medical allowances per month in salary.
    In case, the other spouse want to avail the Medical facility by Central Government, then the spouse has to submit the Medical allowances in salary from school/D.I. office and has to obtain a certificate that he/she is not taking Medical Allowances.
    What is the procedure for doing this? Who is the authority to Issue such certificate?
    Please clarify

  9. anindya bhattacharyya says

    i’m an employee of west bengal police in the rank of sub-inspector and married( housewife ) and have one daughter and one son. my mother is a pension holder. i’m presently carrying on with genins medical insurance policy but not satisfied with that. i want to get enrolled in this scheme.

    kindly help me by showing the way.

  10. Imayan says

    What are the facilities available for retired members of AIS residing in Chennai,Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. ?
    How do they avail the treatment in their resident stations ?

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