West Bengal Health Scheme is to provide Medical Benefits to the State Government Employees and their dependent family members, State Government Pensioners. WBHS, 2008

Change of Arbitrator of West Bengal Health Scheme (WBHS)

Governor is pleased to appoint West Bengal Clinical Establishment Regulatory Commission (WBCERC), as the arbitrator hereafter under WBHS for resolving disputes regarding West Bengal Health Scheme.


State Govt. Pensioner as Dependent of In-Service Son/Daughter in WBHS

Inclusion of State Govt. pensioner/ family pensioner and retired member of AIS of the State Cadre who are parent of government employee, as dependent beneficiary under their in-service son/daughter in WBHS.


Process Flow to Reimburse Dialysis Charges for CKD (Stage-V) Patient

Dialysis is a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly. This procedure is done frequently as a life saving measures for the patient suffering from renal failure (CKD-V stage).


Preparation of Claims by the Private Hospitals for IPD Treatment

Discontinuation of Form-H and introduction of comprehensive Form-D4 & preparation of claims in progressive manner by the private hospitals under WBHS.


Service Rate of Tata Medical Center, Rajarhat under WBHS

Governor is now pleased to revise the existing rate list for Tata Medical Center, Rajarhat only, for treatment of the beneficiaries under West Bengal Health Scheme.


Approving Authority for Online Medical Reimbursement Claim

New matrix of Approving Authority for all employees and pensioners of PW Department as well as Directorates and sub-ordinate Offices will be as follows:-

Public Works

Revised Financial Power for Sanctioning Cost of Medical Treatment, 2022

Revision of financial power for sanctioning of reimbursement claims for medical treatment and attendance under West Bengal Health Scheme.


Online Purchase of Medicine is Accepted for Reimbursement under WBHS

Acceptability of online purchase for medicine and mandatory submission of Cash Memo/ Tax Invoice from GST registered pharmaceutical shops in case of offline purchase of medicine.


Reimbursement of Medicine Cost in Non-Empanelled Hospital

Yes, up to 60% or 80% (depending on the nos. of available beds of treating hospital) of cost for admissible medicines prescribed in Trade/ Brand name for indoor treatment is reimbursable.


Last Date for Inclusion of Aadhaar Number of Beneficiary under WBHS

Governor is now pleased to extend the last date for incorporation of the Aadhaar No. for the employees/ pensioners along with their beneficiaries above the age of five years up to 31.03.2023.

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