Implementation of West Bengal Health Scheme

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
Medical Cell

No. 511-F(MED) Dt. 17.01.2012

From: Shri H.K. Dwivedi, I.A.S.
Secretary to the Government of West Bengal
To: (1) The Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary/
_________________________________ Department
(2) The District Magistrate,

Sub: Implementation of the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008.

Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your kind attention to the Notification No. 8435-F(MED), dt. 29-08-2011 (copy enclosed) on the above subject and to state that the enrolment of the State Government employees and State Government pensioners under the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 is open up to 31-03-2012.

2. I would like to inform you that on the last occasion in the year 2010, it was noticed that due to submission of option for enrolment under the Scheme at the last moment, the Enrolment Certificate could not be issued by the authorities within the stipulated period, i.e. 31-12-2010 in several cases.

3. Accordingly, it is essential that the features and benefits of the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 are brought to the knowledge of all the officers, employees and Government pensioners so that they may exercise option and complete the enrolment under the Scheme well before the closing date, i.e. 31-03-2012.

4. For bringing the provisions of the Health Scheme before the serving and retired Government employees in an appropriate manner, I would request you to conduct workshops/ interactive sessions. Officers of the nodal department, i.e. Finance Department, members of the West Bengal Health Scheme Authority may attend and participate in those workshops/ interactive sessions in order to make the said workshops/ interactive sessions effective.

5. The West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 with revised Rate List and latest circulars are available in the official website of the Finance Department: link West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi

No. 511-F dated 17.01.2012


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  1. says

    why not the teachers getting such benefits , are not they serving the govt or the masses ? The bengal govt is acting like step mother with the teachers. Are they the 2nd citizens ? Why not the RTE and RSM fully implemented in bengal ? Our didi is only busy with FDI and how to topple the UPA to save her party comrades , she is overlooking the benefits of the masses , will they be kind to her next time ?

  2. AvishekSatpathi says

    I am working in irrgation &waterways department. My joining date is 23/12/2010. I want to know , which is the last date of enter this helth scheme.

  3. Diganta Sinha says

    I retired from Govt. service on 31.12.2011 & I enrolled my name in the Wet Bengal Health Scheme ‘2008 from the month of February 2011. Before retirement I opt out from WBHS,2008 for the month from November,2011. Now, as a pensioner I intend to enroll my name in the WBHS,2008 within 31.02.2012. As per Govt. Order no. 8435-F dt.29.08.2011 & 8219-F dt.19.08.2011may I applied to enroll my name in the WBHS,2008 ?.

  4. raja bhargav says

    teachers r suffering a lot without this type of scheme……….since they r also serving for the Govt. Our Govt. should take necessary steps,and do SOMETHING for them . If d same isn’t possible,introduce a new scheme for them. ’cause they r also human beings …….!!!