List of Holidays in Schools 2012

List of Public Holidays for the year 2012 i.e. 1st January, 2012 to 31st December, 2012 for the Department of School Education, Govt. of West Bengal. Total number of holidays in this year is 65 days.

List of holidays for Schools published for the year 2012 i.e. 1st January, 2012 to 31st December, 2012. Total number of holidays in this year is 65 days.

Academic Calender for the year 2012 as published in a press release No. 08/Press/12 dated 05.01.12 by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

Download Complete Academic Calender

Update: Maximum Number of Holidays in Secondary Schools

Update:- Corrigendum in the Holiday List,2012 in all Recognised Secondary Schools (Aided & Unaided).

Update: Vidyasagar’s Birthday on 26.09.2012


  1. goutam singha says

    dear sir always remember that a teacher trains a mind .so to act ,teachers community needs something more than other workers

  2. goutam singha says

    when i was a student we all enjoyed 85 days leave ,we all respect our teachers likke our near and dear ones ,we had no midday meals ,we all know how to spell correctly a word .. but now a days the aim of education is only to pass with a huge no.not knowing anythingabout how to respect others .it seems that the authority sitting in a THANDI GHAR only resolved resulationonly for the schools that are situated in urban areas . DEAR sirs please come in to a remote rural school before any kind of resulation

  3. Nilendu Deb Gorai says

    I think ,extra some days should be included for local festivals & also for uncertain natural hazards.Another opinion is that holidays should be increases in winter ,especially after ‘Borodin’ ,because it will be beneficial to the teachers as they all go for outing to fresh their mind & achive experiences of the outer world.If teachers are not mentally well then quality of education will obviously decrease.

  4. poli roy says

    I joined as asstt teacher in a high school after resigned from primary school. I yet to receive my 50% arear of 3rd installment though my primary colleagues received their their dues. My resignation has been accepted by DPSC hooghly. The dealing assistant in the DPSC told me that resigned teachers would not get their dues. Is there any order regarding this? Please reply.

  5. bakul maiti says

    I think it is a total inhuman rule to force an employee to take medical leave when his parents pass away.Considering the huge pressure of examining answer scripts teachers should be allowed leave of more than eighty days.Regarding medical leave highest limit of 365 days in service life should be 15 x total service year.Earn leave should be given.Facility of tour should be given at least 6 times in service span.

  6. Prakash Nath Sadan says

    Somebody help me out as the Headmistress is breaching the government orders and management committee is not functioning as it should be doing. What can be done? pls help. E-Mail:

  7. Prakash Nath Sadan says

    Is it for the Christian minorities schools also? Only 16 holidays in a session year is given to the Non-Teaching staff in St. Capitanio Girls’ High School, Nagrakata, Jalpaiguri! So what can be done?

  8. santanu ghosh says

    the latest circular in regard to 65 plus12 days at the holiday list is confusing as it opposes the department’s earlier one . have the school gone mad for such repeated confusion?and whats about child care leave for female teachers? why they were not counted in this regard?

  9. Dr. Gopal Chandra Datta says

    Local holidays may be included within the holiday list & that may be in the H.M.’s custody.
    So, Extra curricular Activities may be 5 t0 7 days
    Local festivals (in HM’s custody) 7 to 5 days
    Total holiday excluding 65 days =12 days

  10. Minntu Sarkar says

    Well as per the ‘bishesh drastabya’ part approved by the ‘sachib’ Santi Prasad Sinha it’s given that the holidays list is just a model list,it can be reprepared by the H.M by approving the managing committee….so the given list is not mandatory to follow !

  11. Ambarish Kumar Dutta says

    Again another confusing order. Just days ago the revised holiday list clearly mentioned that 12 days shall be kept reserve for co curricular activities and HM special hoiday. Now the board again orders that, it should be only for co curricular activities, then where is the HEAD MASTER’s discritionary holidays?

  12. dibakar says

    the single holiday in dol yatra ie at 8/3/2012 is ridiculous becoz everywhere in WB 2 days are celebrated as the utsav and moreover the enthusiasm over colours enlarged significantly during the 2nd days of play. so teachers have to take a leave

  13. somnath dey. says

    Thanks for summer vacation. My question is something different..If a teacher marrry or his parents die
    is it good for him to take medicale leave as even today we are the symbol of honesty ? In this occassion i think more or less 15 days are required.

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