Maximum Number of Holidays in Secondary Schools

The list of holidays for Schools for 2012 is prepared based on the sample Frame-work regarding preparation in an Academic Session as provided by the following G.O.


Circular No. S/205, Date: 30.04.2004

To: The Heads of all the recognized Secondary Schools.

Sub: Maximum number of Holidays in Secondary Schools.

In pursuance of the Board’s decision taken in the Executive Committee Meeting of the Board on 20.02.04 and in supersession of all previous orders on the above subject, the Heads of all recognized Secondary Schools under the jurisdiction of Board are hereby informed that the number of Holidays and Vacation days in an academic year in Secondary Schools should not exceed 65 days instead of 80 days excluding Sundays.

They are also requested to adjust the number of holidays to be observed by the school (e.g. local festival) in such a way that the total number of holidays excluding Sundays does not exceed 65 days. This order will take effect from the next academic session (2004-05) and the list of holidays should be prepared following this Circular.

A sample Frame-work regarding preparation in an Academic Session is given below (just a specimen):

1.Time Length2.Total Days3.Holidays4.Cultural Activities & Examination5.Learning-teaching & Unit Evaluation (including remedial lesions)Total available days
May 1 to August 31123 daysSundays: 17Summer vacation: 20
Other holidays: 10
Total: 40 days
6 days70 days
September to December Sundays: 18Pujas: 14
Other holidays: 08
Total: 40 days
Terminal Exams: 15 days67 days
January to April Sundays: 17
Other holidays: 13
Total: 30 days
Terminal Exams: 12 days External Exams: 10 days
Result & other activities (Sports & Games): 05 days
Total 27 days
63 days
Total Holidays: 65 days
Sundays: 52 days
Total: 117 days
(6 + 15 + 27) days = 48 days(70 + 67 + 63) days = 200 days

Total learning days where external examinations are not held – 210 days
Total learning days where one external examination is held – 200 days
Total learning days where two external examinations are held – 190 days.

If only one external examinations is held in an Institution, the idea of ensuring 200 learning days every where can be translated into a reality. If one Institution is not obliged to hold two external exam., no problem will emerge there. The total number of learning days may differ a little owing to geographical location of the School and other social factors.

Sd/- Secretary
W.B. Secondary Education.

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