Additional Remuneration for Gr. D Employees Operating Xerox Machine

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 957-F(P), Dated: 07.02.2013.


The question of revision of additional remuneration for the Gr. D employees who are operating, duplicating machine in addition to their normal duties in different offices where there is no post of duplicating machine operator, under this Govt. has been under consideration for some time past.

2. After careful consideration of the matter, the Governor has been pleased to decide that those Gr. D employees, who are attached to office where there is no post of duplicating machine operator and are operating the same in addition to their normal duties will get additional remuneration @ Rs. 80/- per month in the line of the order no. 5471-F dt. 18.07.2007.

3. The said additional remuneration will be treated to have been sanctioned under rule 5(33) of W.B.S.R. – I.

4. The benefit of such additional remuneration may be allowed to the concerned Group-D employees of various Deptt./ Dte. On the basis of entrustment order issued by the Deptt. in his favour and the said remuneration may be sanctioned by the Deptt. from their end without making further correspondence to F.D. in terms of F.D. Memo No. 1885-F(P) dt. 2.3.12;

5. This order will take effect from 01.02.2013.

Sd /- R. J. Majumdar
Joint Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal

Scanned Order: Additional Remuneration for operating Duplicating Machine