Online Registration of Agricultural Farm Machinery Manufacturers


Government of West Bengal
Department of Agriculture

Memo No. 55-21/HQ Dated, Kolkata, the 22/07/2020


All Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, willing to take part in State Government farm mechanization umbrella schemes are invited to enlist themselves online though Manufacturers registration link in Matirkatha (http://matirkatha.net/) with essential details of their products, specification, price and dealers network etc. Only ISI marked or products tested by Government recognised testing institutes will be allowed under enlistment. This year the registration process has been modified slightly for better understanding through inclusion of machinery list under broad categories. Hence all manufactures are requested to enlist their products & dealers afresh with current price list. Online approval of products will be accorded based on information furnished online and submission of documents (Self authenticated) as detailed below. No document related to already approved products needs to be submitted to the office. Newly registered manufacturers and already registered manufactures must submit requisite documents for unapproved new products only within stipulated time either directly to this office drop box or through mail/ post Manufacturers are also requested to quote competitive pricing of their products (not MRP) in the portal. Price once uploaded will be valid for next one year or publication of next notification in this regard (whichever is earlier). The registration link will be hosted in Matirkatha from 29/07/2020 till 07/08/2020. Please consult the user manual carefully for registration and enlistment of dealers and Products. For further query and submission of hard copies of document, please contact Deputy Director of Agriculture (HQ), West Bengal, Jessop Building, 1st Floor, 63 N S Road, Kolkata-700001. Phone: 03322540917; Email: dyda.hq.wb@gmail.com.

List of documents to be submitted:

  1. GSTN registration,
  2. PAN,
  3. Manufacturing license (if any),
  4. Product test report,
  5. Product wise price list,
  6. Dealers list

No. 55-21/HQ dated 22.07.2020