Continuation of Farm Mechanization Schemes during 2021-22


No.: 998-AG/P/2S(Inputs)-03/2012 Pt-(I) Howrah, the 17th August, 2021


Sub: Continuation of Farm Mechanization Schemes during 2021-22

In continuation to this Department’s memo no. 541-Nab/2S-03/12 (Pt.I) dated 18th June, 2020 read with memo no. 855-Nab/2S-03/12 (Pt.I) dated 2nd September, 2020, the undersigned is directed to inform that the Governor is pleased to extend the validity of the following Farm Mechanization Schemes as ongoing schemes of Agriculture Department up to 31st March, 2022:

  1. Financial Support Scheme for Farm Mechanization (FSSM)
  2. One Time Assistance to Small and Marginal Farmers for purchase of Small Farm Implements (OTA – SFI)
  3. Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme for Rural Entrepreneurs to set up Custom Hiring Centres (CHC) of Farm Machinery

The above schemes will be implemented as umbrella schemes by pooling in funds pertaining to respective Farm Mechanization components under various Centrally Sponsored Schemes and State Development Schemes, to ensure uniformity and reduce complexity in implementation of Farm Mechanization Schemes/ Components.

The above schemes will be implemented as per Operational Guidelines for Farm Mechanization Schemes, 2021-22 attached herewith as Annexure – I to XV. The financial allocation from different sources will be as per approved Annual Action Plan and / or allocation under respective schemes. Regarding State Development Schemes, specific approval as per norms has to be obtained by the Director of Agriculture.

This has concurrence of Finance Department vide U.O. No. Group A-I/2021-2022/0032 dated 16/08/2021 read with U.O. No. 1716 dated 16/08/2021 of Group N – Budget Branch.

The Director of Agriculture will make district-wise allocation of funds and take all necessary actions for implementation of the above Farm Mechanization Schemes, including Manufacturing/ Dealer’s Registration and Portal entry, and send monthly Physical and Financial Progress Report, to this end on a regular basis.

By order of the Governor,

Sd/- Special Secretary
to the Government of West Bengal

List of Annexures

1A. What’s new?

  1. Annexure-I: Operational Guidelines for Farm Mechanization Schemes 2021-22
  2. Annexure-II: List of farm machinery/ equipment and admissible rate of subsidy for FSSM
  3. Annexure-III: List of implements eligible for subsidy under OTA-SFI
  4. Annexure-IV: List of farm machinery eligible for CHC projects
  5. Annexure-V: Format of Agreement between DDA (Admn) & CHC Entrepreneur
  6. Annexure-VI: Application Form for Purchase of Agricultural Equipment/Machinery under FSSM
  7. Annexure-VII: Application Form for Purchase of Agricultural Equipment/ Machinery under OTA-SFI
  8. Annexure-VIII: Application cum brief project report for setting up Custom Hiring Centre (CHC)
  9. Annexure-IX: Consent of financing Bank regarding project appraisal and loan sanction fort CHC
  10. Annexure-X: Delivery & Demonstration certificate for machinery/ equipment/ implements distributed under Farm Mechanization Scheme (FSSM/OTA-SFI)
  11. Annexure-XI: Inspection report of farm machinery/ equipment/ implements supplied under Farm Mechanization Scheme.
  12. Annexure-XII: Proforma for inspection by Joint Inspection Committee for CHC
  13. Annexure-XIII: Proforma for undertaking from the beneficiary in case of FSSM/OTA-SFI
  14. Annexure- XIV: Proforma feasibility report for CHC by Assistant Director of Block & Assistant Director of Agriculture (Admn) of Subdivision (New & existing)
  15. Annexure XV: Proforma for recommendation of Hi-Tech CHC by District
  16. Annexure XVI: Sanction Order for Purchase of Machinery under FSSM & OTA-SFI
  17. Annexure XVIIA: in Principle Sanction Order of CHC
  18. Annexure XVIIB: Sanction Order of CHC

No. 998-AG dated 17.08.2021

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