Apply for New Town Project under Akanksha Housing Scheme

Last Date of Online Application: 29.02.2016
Last Date of Depositing Application Money: 02.03.2016

It was decided by the State Government to provide ownership flats in the scheme ‘AKANKSHA’ to it’s serving employees as defined in West Bengal Service Rule, except those State Government employees who have their own housing scheme such as ‘Pratyasha’ for Policemen or similar housing schemes under Government of West Bengal.

Housing Department, Government of West Bengal being the Nodal Department for it’s implementation, is going to execute the first project on pilot basis at Newtown, Rajarhat. The site address is Premises no: 07/300, Block – DB, Action Area – 1D, Kolkata – 700107.

ONLINE application is invited from the eligible, willing and serving Government Employees as defined in West Bengal Service Rule.

ONLINE application will start from 8/2/2016 and close on 29/02/2016. Application Money: 25000.00, Mode of Payment: By cash, in any branch of Bank Of Baroda, through pre printed Challan which will be generated online after submission of Form. Last date of depositing the application money: 02/03/2016.

Applicants are advised to take a print out of the application form after submission and note clearly the application number which will be generated automatically and preserve for any future correspondences.

For filling up the forms please keep the following informations in hand: PAN NO, GPF A/C NO, YOUR GRADE PAY, BANK ACCOUNT NO AND IFSC CODE NO OF BANK.

Before filling up the form please go through the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS carefully for getting details of terms, conditions, eligibility, cost and all details.



General Terms & Conditions

It has been considered by the State Government to provide housing to the serving State Government employees. The present project is situated in premises No. 07/300, Block-DB, Action Area-ID at New Town, Kolkata- 700107 on pilot basis. The project has been designed on a no-profit no-loss basis and without the cost of the land. The instant project is spread over 5.0599 acres .of land and comprising of 13 towers.(7 nos. of G+10 Towers for Sl. No. 1,2,3 of Clause-3 of this General Terms & Conditions and 6 nos. of Straight 4 towers for Sl. No. 4 and 5 of Clause 3 of this General Terms & Conditions) containing of 576 flats and 236 covered Car parking spaces and 35 open Car parking spaces ( only for Sl. No. 1,2,3 of Clause-3) . There is also provision for Gymnasium, Club-House and Community Hall within the Complex.


1.1 All serving State Govt. employees as defined in West Bengal Service Rules, except those State Govt. employees who have their own housing scheme such as ‘Pratyasha’ for Policemen or similar housing schemes under Government of West Bengal stated in Memorandum No. FD-647 dated 29th August, 2014 of the Finance Department of Govt. of West Bengal may apply for New Town Project under ‘AKANKSHA HOUSING SCHEME (AHS)’.

1.2 An applicant may apply jointly with any member of his/her family.

1.3 Family means the applicant and his or her spouse only.


2.1 Application has to be made online only.

2.2 No applicant is permitted to submit more than one application in this project.

2.3 An applicant, on being successful in lottery shall have to submit a copy of current pay-slip issued by the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer along with such other documents as may be required by Housing Department.

2.4 Applicant has to deposit an amount of Rs. 25,000/- as “Application money” in the online application system.


1ELEGANT1430 SFT (3BHK with Servants quarters)Rs. 8900/- and above60
2PREMIUM1275 SFT (3BHK)Between Rs. 7601/- to Rs. 8899/-180
3CLASSIC918 SFT (2BHK)Between Rs. 4801/- to Rs. 7600/-240
4ECONOMY564 SFT (2BHK)Between Rs. 2901/- to Rs. 4800/-48
5STANDARD473 SFT (1BHK)Upto Rs. 2900/-48


CategoryBuilt up area in sq.ft.RateTotal price in lakh
Elegant1430Rs. 3100/- per Sq.ft.44.33
Premium1275Rs. 3100/- per Sq.ft.39.53
Classic918Rs. 3100/- per Sq.ft.28.46
Economy564Rs. 2200/- per Sq.ft.12.41
Standard473Rs. 2200/- per Sq.ft.10.41

4.2. The prices shown in 4.1 are purely tentative and may vary during actual execution of the scheme till its completion. The difference of cost so varied will be charged at no profit no loss basis and should be paid by the allottee on demand within sixty days.


Installment No.Amount PayableTime of payment
Application money25000/- of total priceAt the time of submitting application *1
1st Installment20% of the tentative total price including application money.Within 30 days of the allotment order.
2nd Installment20% of the tentative total priceWithin 30 days of completion of 3rd floor slab
3rd Installment20% of the tentative total priceWithin 30 days of completion of 6th floor slab
4th Installment30% of the tentative total priceWithin 30 days of completion of 9th floor slab
5th Installment10% of the tentative total priceWithin 30 days of completion of entire building *
6th InstallmentResidual amount of the final price.Before taking possession **

* 1 Till 24/02/2016 during banking business hours.

* Completion of building includes primer painting and completion of sanitary plumbing, internal and external sewerage, internal and external electrification and other services including installation of lift and etc.

** within 15 days from the date of issuance of possession letter.


Installment No.Amount PayableTime of payment
Application money25000/- of total priceAt the time of submitting application*1
1st Installment20% of the tentative total price including application money.Within 30 days of the allotment order.
2nd InstallmentResidual amount of the final price.Before taking possession ***

***within 15 days from the date of issuance of possession letter.

*1 Till 24/02/2016 during banking business hours.

5.3. Procedure for installment payment will be communicated through allotment letter to the successful applicants.

5.4. Expected date of completion of project is December, 2018.


6.1 Any application, failing to fulfill any of these terms & conditions, shall be rejected.

6.2 Any application, where material fact is suppressed or where wrong information with respect to income is furnished shall be rejected and no refund of application money shall be allowed in such cases.

6.3 If the applicant fails to accept the offer of allotment within thirty days after declaration of results of lottery, no refund of application money shall be allowed and application money shall be forfeited.

6.4 The allottee will have to deposit the demanded amount of allotment money/balance price/other charges against the allotted Unit within the time-frame specified in the General Terms & Conditions.

6.5 In the event of failure of the allottee to deposit any installment/ other charges against the allotted flat according to the aforesaid time-frame, an interest @ 12% per annum for the delayed period shall be charged on the delayed payment amounts.

6.6 In case of delayed payment of any installment/other charges against the allotted flat strictly according to the aforesaid time-frame, and, if such period of delay exceeds 6(six) months from due date, the Housing Department shall have the right to cancel the allotment with deduction of 10% of the money deposited till date along with interest @ 12% p.a. accrued so far.

6.7 If the Allottee surrenders the allotment after making payment of demanded amount towards any installment/ other charges, the amount paid by the allottee will be refunded after deduction of 15% of the said paid amount, without any interest.

6.8 All the refund will be made through the applicant’s bank account as mentioned by the applicant in application form.


7.1 The flat shall be allotted amongst the applicants only on the basis of transparent lottery. No prayer for change of allotted flat shall be entertained. Department do not give any assurance to provide Car Parking Space to each and every allottee, however, the Car Parking Space so available will be distributed among the allottees by holding a separate lottery at separate cost to be so fixed up by the Department. The cost of such Car parking space shall be paid at a time within 30 (Thirty) days from the date of such lottery of Car parking space.

7.2 If the number of applications exceeds the number of available flats or Car parking spaces, a waiting list of the applicants who express their willingness in the application form to remain in the list will be prepared through the same lottery. The number of applicants on waiting list shall be10% of total number of flats available for lottery rounded off to the nearest whole number. Flats which may fall vacant subsequently due to withdrawal or cancellation may be allotted serially from the said waiting list, on the same terms and conditions as laid down in General Terms and Conditions. The waiting list so prepared will remain valid for 6 (six) months from the date of lottery. For the applicants who desire to remain in the waiting list, the application money would be kept with the Housing Department for the above period of 6 (six) months without any interest.

7.3 The flat will be utilized for Residential purpose only and no commercial activities by the allottees or the Flat Owners Association will be allowed in Car Parking areas.

7.4 In case both the spouses become successful in the lottery, only one of them will be allotted a flat as per the choice of them.


8.1 Once the flat is handed over or deemed to have been handed over, the Housing department will not bear the responsibility for any payments towards municipal taxes, charges, levies and impositions and the like.

8.2 After completion of construction of the project, the Housing Department shall, as sole owner, submit the project property comprising the land, the building and the common areas and facilities to the provisions of the West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act, 1972 by submitting Form ‘A’ to the Competent Authority appointed under the said Act of 1972.

8.3 The Housing Department shall get the accepted Form ‘A’ registered under the Registration Act, 1908.

8.4 The Housing Department shall convene, after giving prior notice, a meeting of the allottees to be held in the New Town Project premises, as soon as possible, for :-

(a) Execution of deed of conveyance of flats with or without parking space, to the respective allottees;
(b) Handing over of possession of flats, car parking spaces;
(c) Handing over of draft Form C;
(d) Formation of the Association of Apartment Owners under a specific name and style for the New Town project, and,
(e) Formation of an ad hoc Board of Managers.

In the same meeting preparation of Form-I under the West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act, 1972, shall be made.

8.6 The ad hoc Board of Managers shall convene a formal general meeting, preferably within two months of the meeting stated at 8.5 above for conducting an election towards formation of the elected Board of Managers.

8.7 The Housing Department shall hand over the possession of the Common Areas& Facilities to the elected Board of Managers preferably within three months from the date of meeting stated herein above for maintenance and management of the same, but ownership of the Common Areas and Facilities shall remain with all the flat owners jointly.

8.8 The Housing Department shall maintain the common areas and facilities till the hand-over of the same to the allottees /Association and for such maintenance, the Housing Department shall levy a charge at the rate which shall be notified later on. Liabilities regarding maintenance of common area & facilities of the project shall, after expiry of the above mentioned period, be rested upon the said Apartment Owners Association and not upon the Housing department.

8.9 From the date of taking over of possession of common areas and facilities the Association of the Apartment Owners will maintain and manage the common areas and facilities. Balance of funds, if any, of charges levied for such maintenance, shall be handed over by Housing Department to the Board of Managers of the Apartment Owners Association.

8.10 All allottees will take over the possession within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of issue of intimation letter regarding completion of the project irrespective of Completion Certificate obtained from the concerned authority.

8.11 Cost of registration of the deed of conveyance will be borne by the allottee.


The owners of the property will not be able to sell the property to any person upto a period of 15 (Fifteen) years from the date of purchase, or his/her retirement from Government services, whichever is later.


In case of difficulties to implement this general terms & conditions, Housing Department shall have right to issue appropriate directions to remove such difficulties.


Any word used as masculine gender shall also include the feminine gender and any word used as singular number shall also include the plural number, wherever applicable.


All disputes and differences by and between the parties and/ or the said buildings and/ or anything done in pursuance hereby shall be referred for arbitration to such person as may be appointed by the Housing Department as the sole arbitrator for adjudication in accordance with the Indian arbitration law in force. The decision of the Arbitrator shall be binding upon the parties.


Any delay or failure in the performance by either Housing Department or the applicant shall be excused if and to the extent caused by occurrence of a Force Majeure. For purposes of this General Terms and Conditions, Force Majeure shall mean a cause or event that is not reasonably foreseeable or otherwise caused by or under the control of the Party claiming Force Majeure, including acts of God, fires, floods, explosions, riots, wars, hurricane, sabotage, terrorism, vandalism, accident, restraint of Government, Governmental acts, injunctions, labour strikes, other than those of Seller or it’s suppliers, that prevent Seller from furnishing the materials or equipment, and other like events that are beyond the reasonable anticipation and control of the Party affected thereby, despite such Party’s reasonable efforts to prevent, avoid, delay or mitigate the effect of such acts, events or occurrences, and which events or the effects thereof are not attributable to a Party’s failure to perform its obligations under this General Terms & Conditions.


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