Finance Department – Archive, 2001

West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Notifications, Orders, Clarifications, Memorandum of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal published in the year 2001.

11770-F dt. 28.12.2001Admissible Non-refundable advance after completion of 15 years’ service
11542-F dt. 20.12.2001Clarification of fixation of pay
23-O&M dt. 04.12.2001Summer & Winter Liveries for Group-‘D’
DT-1910 dt. 27.11.2001Submission of Original authority of A.G. not required along with Bill
10305-F dt. 19.11.2001Allotment of DDO. Code to the NGO.
9775-F dt. 19.10.2001Clarification of G.O. No. 3015-F, dt. 13.03.2001
7196-F dt. 31.07.2001Marriage-illness Advance
6784-F dt. 18.07.2001Travel by A/c 1st class admissible to the officer posted in North Bengal
3671-F dt. 04.04.2001Disbursement of P.F. Moneys to persons on behalf of minor
3453-F dt. 28.03.2001Enhancement of Maternity Leave and Calculation of Half Pay Leave
3368-F dt. 26.03.2001Allowing Loan from Bank
3274-F dt. 21.03.2001Additional Remuneration of Steno Typist/ Bench Clerk-cum-Stenographer
3015-F dt. 13.03.2001Career Advancement Scheme for W.B. Govt. Employees