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Here you can find Subject wise Miscellaneous Government Orders & Circulars in chronological order which may be helpful for the West Bengal Govt. Employees.

7751-F(P) dt. 02.08.2011 Early departure of Muslim employees on ROJA (RAMZAN)
2208-RD dt. 31.03.2010 Comprehensive forms booklet for sanction of retirement benefits to the employees of the WBCADC.
10251-F dt 17.11.2009 Order on punctuality on attendance of Govt. employees.
9872-F dt 30.10.2009 Order on giving priority on RTI cases.
18-O&M dt. 30.09.2009 Supply of daily newspapers and periodicals at Govt. cost.
8572-F dt. 03.09.2009 Financial Assistance to the Clubs of Govt. Employees.
3889-PAC dt. 26.08.2008 Guideline for deposit of undisbursed amount of land compensation award lying at the P.L.A/Cs of L.A. Collector.
1089-F dt. 07.02.2008 Recoveries on account of direct tax.
675-F dt. 22.01.2008 Opening of bank account for GOI Fund.
383-F dt. 11.01.2008 Order for disbursement of salary.
01-PAR dt. 01.01.2008 Conversion of ATI into a registered society.
8909-F dt. 08.11.2007 Preparation of complete Data base of WBA & AS cadre.
1666/DP dt. 24.07.2007
D.O.No. 27 dt. 11.07.2007
Suggestion relating to conservation of water.
157-PAR dt. 10.03.2006 West Bengal R.T.I. Rules.
466-PAR dt. 18.07.2003 Procedure in connection with foreign visits of officials of State Govt. employees and other sector officials.
1770-FB dt. 27.07.1999 Economy measures in Govt. expenditure
13325-F dt. 17.12.1993 Non-payment certificate against lost Cheque
6163-F dt. 28.05.1993 Payment of part-time sweeper
400-F dt. 08.01.1993 Amendment of S. R. 174
5413-F dt. 14.05.1992 Quoting the salary head of account in the loan and advance bill
3047-F dt. 13.03.1992 Correction of head of account by T.O.
427-F dt. 10.01.1992 Consolidation T. A. Bill
5603-F dt. 14.06.1991 Supply of Cash Book
3242-F dt. 06.04.1991 Financial Sanction
8700-F dt. 28.08.1990 Date of superannuation falls due to holiday of Sunday-handing over charge
5577-F dt. 08.06.1990 Payment more than Rs. 2500 by Account Payee Cheque out of local fund
6213-F dt. 22.06.1990 Drawal of Transfer T. A.
5253-F dt. 31.05.1990 Rounding of Financial Transactions in nearest whole rupee
13490-F dt. 11.12.1989 Clarification of S. R. 96
11464-F dt. 18.10.1989 Countersigned in bill as a proof of sanction
1934-F dt. 23.02.1989 Passing of Sub-vouchers
1407-F dt. 09.02.1989 Drawal and recovery of G.P.F. and other loans of Work- Charged employee
4420-F dt. 19.04.1988 Sanction of Permanent advance minimum Rs. 200
2753-F dt. 13.03.1987 Purchase of Demand draft for outstation payment and clarification of outstation
14/86/TA dt. 17.11.1986 Adjustment of Pay and T. A. advance (Inter Govt. settlement)
1027-F dt. 27.02.1986 Adjust of Pay and T.A. advance
1899-F dt. 27.02.1986 Payment of Contractors and others by A/c payee Cheque