Discrepancies of Names of Untrained Teachers for B.Ed Training

Government of West Bengal
Office of the Commissioner, School Education
7th Floor, Bikash Bhavan
Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091

Memo. No. 2467/CSE, Dated: 08.07.2013

District Inspector of Schools (Secondary)

Subject: BEd Training for untrained teachers of the Elementary Level through ODL mode conducted by Netaii Subhas Open University – Steps to be taken for correcting discrepancies thereof.


With reference to the above mentioned subject, this it to inform you that the list of names as published by the NSOU is as per the UDISE database which has been submitted by the School authorities under the signature of the Head Master/ Teacher in Charge of the school and the number of candidates has been calculated on the basis of the number of untrained teachers who have been declared as taking classes mostly up to class 8. In the usual course of things, there should have not been any problem in the database due to the source of the same.

However, information received from different corners suggest that the list published by the Netaji Subhas Open University for BEd training in ODL mode for untrained Upper Primary Teachers teaching up to Class VIII in High Schools have errors of the following nature:

1. That the name of eligible candidates did not figure in the list.

2. That the name of some ineligible candidates are shown in the list i.e. candidates who are

a. non teaching staff including librarians and clerical personnel,
b. mostly teaching in the Secondary and Higher Secondary classes (Classes 9 to 12)
c. para teachers and other contractual teachers,
d. deceased
e. or retired
f. teachers who already possess BEd degree or have joined before 3rd September 2001.

Now taking into consideration the above and for the purpose of correction of said list to the extent that only the eligible candidates get the opportunity to undergo BEd training through ODL mode, you are requested to send the list after correction within SEVEN days, as per the guidelines noted below:-

  1. Delete those names which fall in any category from a to f of para 2 above.
  2. Teachers engaged exclusively for Higher Secondary classes will NOT be included in the list.
  3. Include the name of the untrained teachers who have been appointed after 3rd September 2001 and are teaching only classes 5 to 8 or mostly taking classes from 5 to 8 therefore no teachers who have joined service before the cut-off date need to undergo training.

The list of your district as has been forwarded to NSOU is enclosed for your ready reference. You may kindly take the following action:

  1. Identify the candidates ineligible as per criteria and note it against the concerned candidate by noting “IE” against the name.
  2. In case of new addition, add the names from the last serial of the district’s list in the same format as supplied.

The list after necessary corrections may be mailed back along with a certificate mentioning the number of additions and deletions made to the original list.

Please take care that the number of candidates that you would send does not exceed the number of the original list (i.e. total number of additions should not exceed the total number of deletions). If such a situation arises, the same may be immediately brought to the notice of the undersigned and your entire district’s list would have to be scrutinized school wise.

This is to further inform that the State is fulfilling a statutory obligation through the organization of this training programme and it is not a means for teachers who are not required to obtain BEd as per the NCTE norms and the RTE Act, 2009 to get the same for purposes of their increment. This may kindly be ensured.

The list may be sent by 15th July 2013 without fail.

Yours faithfully,

Commissioner, School Education

No. 2467 dated 08.07.2013

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