Correction of Name List of Untrained Teachers for B.Ed Training

Office of the District Inspector of Schools(SE),
Dakshin Dinajpur, P.O. Beltala Park, Dist. Dakshin Dinajpur

Memo No. 1111 Date: 9/7/13


As per Memo No. 2467/CSE, dt. 8-7-13 of Commissioner of School Education, West Bengal, undersigned has to inform all the Jr./High/H.S. school authority under this district including Gangarampur Subdivision that the list published by the Netaji Subhas Open University for B.Ed training in ODL mode for untrained Upper Primary teachers, teaching up to Class VIII have some errors, which has to be corrected by the undersigned. As such all the school authorities are requested to verify the enlisted name of untrained teachers as published by the District Inspector of Schools(SE), Dakshin Dinajpur in the website of School Education Department in the following manner:

  1. Teachers appointed exclusively for H.S. section will not be included in the list.
  2. Only the name of the mentioned teachers who have been appointed after 3.9.2001 and are teaching only Classes V to VIII or mostly taking classes from V to VIII should under B.Ed training through ODL mode. If any name of teacher is not included in the list under the mentioned category school authority will have to submit details on or before 14.7.13 to this office and ADI(SE), Gangarampur Subdivision as the case may be (forwarded by the H.M/TIC).

The school authorities are also requested to inform to the undersigned or ADI(SE), Gangarampur Subdivision the name of teachers who already got admitted themselves in B.Ed course or already completed B.Ed. so that their names can be deleted.

Lastly, school authorities should also inform in case of any teacher of H.S section being enlisted or para teacher or clerk, librarian if any which will be excluded from this list.

District Inspector of Schools (SE)
Dakshin Dinajpur

No. 1111 dated 09.07.2013

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