The main function of Environment Department is the prevention and control of pollution of air, water and land. This deptt. is concerned with the policies and schemes relating to environment.

Ban on Production, Distribution, Sale and Use of Single Use Plastic (SUP)

West Bengal Government directs that the manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of
single-use plastic items, including polystyrene and expanded polystyrene, commodities shall be prohibited w.e.f. 01.07.2022.

Complete Ban on Sale/ Bursting of Fire Crackers in West Bengal

Only green crackers can be sold and bursting of such crackers shall be allowed for (i) two hours during Deepawali (ii) two hours during Chatt Puja (iii) 35 minutes during Christmas and New years’ eve.


Services by Environment Department under Right to Public Service Act

Consent to Establish of Green Category industries (with capital investment greater than Rs. 5 crore upto Rs. 10 crore and industries located within Calcutta Leather Complex with capital investment upto Rs. 10 crore) & Orange and Red industries (with capital investment upto Rs. 10 crore)

Policy for Use of Pet Coke and Furnace Oil as a Fuel in West Bengal

Any other fuel with lesser pollution potential than Pet Coke and FO after obtaining specific approval from the West Bengal Pollution Control Board. WBPCB will consider such proposals with due cognizance to the existing restrictions on fuel use in different areas of the State.


West Bengal Prevention and Control of Water Pollution (Procedure for Immersion of Idol after Pujas) Rules, 2018

Every puja committee who organises the festivals and makes the idols in pandals raised by it, shall be liable for violation of any of the provisions of these rule and the Board may impose penalty for such violation in accordance with the provisions of rule 11.

Prevention and Control of Pollution in Poultry Units

Guidelines for management of waste and pollution generated from poultry, hatchery etc. in light of order of Tribunal for consideration and implementation in West Bengal.

Notification for State Water Laboratory

State Laboratories and Institute notified as State Water Laboratory to carry out the functions entrusted to the State Water Laboratory under Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974.

Amendment of West Bengal Biological Diversity Rules, 2005

Chairperson shall prepare annual report of Biodiversity Management Committee giving full account of its activities during the previous year and submit a copy to concerned local body by 30th September of each year.

Environmental Guidelines to Fair Organizer (Mela)

An undertaking may also be taken from the fair organizers that they will abide by the environmental guidelines for abatement of pollution in a befitting manner.

Prohibition of Use Microphone/ Loudspeaker during Examination

Prohibit the use of microphone or loudspeaker in residential areas or where educational institutions are situated three days prior to the commencement of Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination.

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