Environmental Guidelines to Fair Organizer (Mela)

‘Paribesh Bhawan’
10A, LA Block, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 098

Memo No. 3016-5W-4/2007, Dated: 07.02.2007


In exercise of the powers conferred under Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 and Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and in continuation of the direction of the Government of West Bengal, Department of Environment, all the Municipalities and the Block Development Officers are now hereby directed that at the time of issuing permission to any fair, the following environmental guidelines should be incorporated. These are the following guidelines:

  • Temporary sanitary toilets and urinals, set up for the “Mela” should have connection with public sewer system or the organization will make necessary arrangement for treatment as per schedule made by the Public Health Engineering Department, Government of West Bengal.
  • Loudspeakers, microphones etc. should not be operated except for public announcement. The amplifiers connected with loudspeakers must be fitted with noise limiter.
  • Necessary arrangement to be made to restrict noise and air pollution from the diesel generators.
  • Trees & plants in the ground/part should not be disturbed and used for illumination or any other purpose.
  • Sufficient water sprinkling arrangement to be made for dust suppression and avoid re-suspension of dust in the Mela ground and adjoining car parking area.
  • Plastic carry bags should not be used.
  • Proper collection and disposal of solid waste to be ensure in consultation with concerned municipal authority.
  • Once the Mela is over, the organizer of the Mela should ensure the regeneration of Mela ground with special reference to its vegetation to its original form.
  • Burning of bio-mass or any other waste material including plastic wastes is strictly prohibited in and around Mela ground.

2. In case of non compliance of the environmental guidelines by any of the organizer of fair, such permission may be withdrawn and also before giving permission, an undertaking may also be taken from the fair organizers that they will abide by the environmental guidelines for abatement of pollution in a befitting manner.

3. This order will take immediate effect.

By Order,

Sd/- Member Secretary
West Bengal Pollution Control Board

No. 3016 dated 07.02.2007