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Guidelines for Conducting Annual Examination (Class XI in Fazil Course), 2023

The papers of 80 marks will be of 3 hours and 15 minutes duration. First 15 minutes is allowed for reading question papers and writing Registration Number and name of the subjects, the next 3 hours for answering questions on the answer scripts.


Programme of Annual Examination (Class XI of Fazil Course), 2023

Registration Certificate for Fazil – XI may be collected from the Board Office by the Madrasah authority on and from 09.03.2023.

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Admit Cards of High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination, 2023

Admit Cards of High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination – 2023 (both Regular and External) will be distributed on Friday, 10th February, 2023 onwards.

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Annual Academic Calendar of Madrasah for Session, 2023

Annual academic calendar for the academic session-2023 has been prepared for smooth functioning of day to day academic and administrative activities of all recognized Madrasahs.

Revised Holiday List of West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education, 2023

This Holiday List shall be treated as model holiday List for the Academic Year-2023. The adjustment in Holiday(s) is permissible as per local need for festival and for any natural disaster subject to approval of the M.C./ Administrator as the case may be.

Holiday List of West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education, 2023

Heads of all recognized Madrasahs are being instructed to follow the List of holidays – 2023 as per specimen list of holidays attached herewith.

Test Papers for High Madrasah and Alim Examination, 2023

West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education is going to publish the Test Papers for the candidates appearing in the High Madrasah and Alim Examination 2023.

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High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination Schedule, 2023

It is notified for information to all concerned that the High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Examination – 2023 (both Regular & External) will be held as per following schedule:-

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Transfer of Service Book and Issuance of Last Pay Certificate in Madrasah

Regarding Transfer of Updated Service Book and Issuance of Last Pay Certificate in connection with General Transfer of Assistant Teachers and Non-teaching Staff of Govt. Aided Recognized Madrasahs of the State.

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Immediate Joining and Release of Staffs of Madrasah on Transfer

Madrasah Authorities are not allowing those eligible Assistant Teachers/ Non teaching staff who have been recommended for General Transfer by the West Bengal Madrasah Service Commission to join or release from the Madrasahs in different pretext or other reasons under the jurisdiction of his/her district.

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