Programme of Annual Examination (Class XI of Fazil Course), 2023

West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Bhawan
DD-45, Sector-l, Salt lake city, Kolkata – 700 064

Memo No : 005/Exam Date: 15/02/2023


It is notified for information of all concerned that the Annual Examination (Class XI of Fazil Course) 2023 will be held as per the following programme:

14.03.2023Tuesday10.45 am to 2.00pmBengali/Urdu
15.03.2023Wednesday10.45 am to 2.00pmTheology
16.03.2023Thursday10.45 am to 2.00pmIslamic History
18.03.2023Saturday10.45 am to 2.00pmEnglish
20.03.2023Monday10.45 am to 2.00pmArabic
21.03.2023Tuesday10.45 am to 2.00pmIslamic studies
22.03.2023Wednesday10.45 am to 2.00pmHist/Edu/Geo/ (Additional subjects)

Registration Certificate for Fazil – XI may be collected from the Board Office by the Madrasah authority on and from 09.03.2023.

Sd/- President
West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education

No. 005-Exam dated 15.02.2023, Source

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