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Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department (MAMED) works for the development and welfare of minorities to ensure protection of rights and provide opportunities for growth. Madrasah Education

Holiday List of West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education, 2021

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examinations of the Board has been scheduled to be held in the month of June, 2021 in lieu of the month of February. Considering the above changes the list of holidays for the academic session 2021 needs to be adjusted accordingly.

High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination Schedule, 2021

i) Centre Fee @ Rs. 70/- per candidate. ii) Work Education, Physical Education (as addl. subjects) examination will be held from 17th June, 2021 to 30th June, 2021 iii) The candidates shall collect their Admit Cards from the respective Madrasahs on 17th May, 2021.

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“Aikyashree” – West Bengal Scholarships for Minority Students

State Government has decided to set up the “Aikyashree” – West Bengal State Scholarships for Minority Students with a view to providing them more avenues for socio-economic and educational mobility by extending financial support and encouragement to the meritorious students.

WBBME Fee Rates/ Charges of Examination/ Correction/ Duplicate/ Migration

Revised Fee Rates/ Charges and Rates of Examination/ Correction/ Duplicate/ Migration w.e.f. Academic Session 2019 – 2020

West Bengal Madrasah Service Commission Act, 2008

An Act to provide for the constitution of Madrasah Service Commission in West Bengal and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Assignments of All Subjects for Class IX and X of Madrasah

Download assignments of all subjects for Class IX and X of Senior Madrasah, High Madrasah and Senior High Madrasah. Students are requested to submit the same after 10th June, 2020 to the respective Subject Teachers.

Bridge Course of 48 Days in Madrasah Every Year (January to April)

The main intention of this course is to bridge or make up the learning gaps of the students of class five for basic skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using about 48 working days i.e. the first term from January to April of every year.

Annual Examination (Class XI of Fazil Course), 2020

Registration Certificate for Fazil – XI may be collected from the Board Office by the Madrasah authority on and from 25.03.2020.


High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination Schedule, 2020

High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Examination – 2020 (both Regular & External) will be held as per following Schedule: 10.02.2020 – Bengali/ Urdu; 11.02.2020 – Arabic; 12.02.2020 – English; 13.02.2020 – Physical Science, Life Science and Islamic History;

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Annual Academic Calendar of Madrasah for Session, 2020

I am directed to inform you that the annual academic calendar for the academic session-2020 including Teacher’s Diary has been prepared for smooth functioning of day to day academic activities of Madrasahs.

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