Road Safety Committee for each District of West Bengal

Government of West Bengal
Transport Department
Paribahan Bhawan
12, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 001

No. 1084-WT/TR/P/3M(RS)-6/14(Pt-I) Date: 23.03.2015


WHEREAS, the State of West Bengal is required to constitute a District Road Safety Committee for each district of the State in terms of Section 215(3) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988;

AND, WHEREAS, the State of West Bengal has already formulated and notified the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989;

AND, WHEREAS, the functions (objects and purposes), scope for creation of Sub-committees, etc. have been stipulated in Rules 356, 357 and 358 of the aforesaid Rules;

AND, WHEREAS, there have been massive increase in the vehicle population as well as in the number of driving licenses issued so far;

AND, WHEREAS, it is considered necessary and expedient to constitute District Road Safety Committee for each district of the State for dealing with all aspects of road safety within the jurisdiction of the district concerned;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Governor, in supersession of all previous Notifications/Orders in this regard, is pleased hereby to constitute the District Road Safety Committee for each district of the State in the following manner and with the composition mentioned below to deal with all matters pertaining to road safety in respect of the district(s).


1. District Magistrate & CollectorChairman
2. Deputy Commissioner(s) of Police (Traffic)Member(s)
3. Superintendent of PoliceMember
4. Executive Officer of Municipalities/Urban bodies/Notified AuthoritiesMember(s)
5. Chief Medical Officer of HealthMember
6. Executive Engineer, PWD (Roads)Member
7. The D. I. of SchoolsMember
8. The D. I. C.O.Member
9. All Sub-Divisional Officers of the districtMember(s)
10. All Sub-Divisional Police Officers of the districtMember(s)
11. Regional Transport OfficerMember Secretary

The terms of reference for the Committee in addition to those already detailed in the aforementioned Rules will be as follows:

Terms of reference

i. To implement the State Road Safety Policy;

ii. To conduct road safety programmes at regular intervals;

iii. To provide regular inputs to the State Road Safety Council and recommend road safely measures especially with regard to identification of major accident prone areas/ Black Spots etc.;

iv. To implement directions of the GOI and the State Government as may be issued from time to time on matters of road safety;

v. To act as the nodal body for placing requirement and disbursal of road safety funds and interact with the State Road Safety Council as and when required;

vi. To take such other steps as may be necessary for ensuring road safety within the jurisdiction of the district.

The Governor is also pleased to direct that the Chairman of the Committee shall have the powers to co-opt any person/official/expert/chief of any entity who he/she considers eminently suitable to contribute to the functioning of the Committee.

This comes into force with immediate effect.

By order of the Governor

Chief Secretary, West Bengal

No. 1084-WT dated 23.03.2015

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