State Road Safety Policy of West Bengal, 2015

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Government of West Bengal
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No. 1732-WT/TR/P/3M(RS)-6/14 (Pt. I) Date: 12.05.2015

From: Additional Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

To: The Principal Secretary to the Government of West Bengal,
Information and Cultural Affairs Department,
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road
Mandirtala, Howrah-711102.

Subject: Putting the draft State Road Safety Policy on the public domain inviting suggestions/ views from the wider cross section of the people.

Reference: Decision of the first meeting of the State Road Safety Council held on 22.04.2015.


In inviting a reference to the above, I am directed to send herewith a copy of the draft Road Safety Policy prepared by the Special Additional Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, in pursuance of the decision of the meeting taken by the Chief Secretary, West Bengal on 04.03.2015 and to request that the draft Road Safety Policy may kindly be arranged to be uploaded on the State Government’s website inviting suggestions/ views from the wider cross sections of the people as decided in the first meeting of the State Road Safety Council on 22.04.2015.
Encl. As stated.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Additional Secretary to the Government of West Bengal



The rapid development and expansion of the road network and the sustained increase in the number of motor vehicles have led to a substantial rise in levels of both passenger and freight movement across the length and breadth of the State of West Bengal. Concomitantly road safety issues have continued to emerge.

The number of road accidents and fatalities has been growing in West Bengal in the recent years which is a cause for concern and calls for concerted and multi-disciplinary preventive and remedial efforts. The Government of West Bengal, therefore, has considered it relevant to frame a Road Safety Policy aimed at reducing the incidence of road accidents and ensure safe travel for all road users through sustainable and well-planned public policy initiatives.


A safe road network for all road users in the state with a view to achieving ‘zero road accident figure’ in the long run.


Reduce road accidents as well as fatalities by 20% by 2020.



Road Safety is a multi-disciplinary issue and therefore it is imperative that a coordinated interdepartmental approach is in place for sustainable reduction of road accidents and fatalities in the State. For effective monitoring and implementation, Road Safety Council has been formed in West Bengal in terms of Sec 215 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Rule 356 of West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, West Bengal, vide Notification No. 1083-WT/TR/P/3M(RS)-6/14 (Pt.I) dated 23rd March 2015. The Council comprises senior officials from Home, Transport, Health & Family Welfare, Urban Development, Public Works, Municipal Affairs, Law, Panchayat and Rural development. The Council advises on all matters pertaining to the following:

6.0. ACTION:

Government of West Bengal will create an effective institutional mechanism to strengthen the Road Safety measures in the State and provide necessary support structures to enable each institution to play its role effectively. Some of the key actions to be undertaken are as follows:

6.1. Strengthen Road Crash Database System:

The State Police, through its State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB), collects crash data on number of accidents occurred, extent of severity, types of vehicle involved, probable causes of accidents etc. However, the crash data collected presently can be further refined in understanding the general pattern and trends of crashes, thereby contributing to the holistic analysis of crashes and further development of effective road safety interventions. Since crash data is the key source of information for the planners, facilitators and researchers, Government of West Bengal is working towards development of a comprehensive database management system. Following will be the key activities to improve the database.

6.2. Safe planning and design of roads:

The Government will take following measures for proper planning and design of roads:

6.3. Safe Driving:

Driving errors cause a majority of road accidents and to address this issue, the Government intends to:-

6.4. Awareness, Education and Training for Road Users:

Government of West Bengal will undertake following activities to create safety awareness among road users.

6.5. Enforcement of Safety laws:

Government of West Bengal will take appropriate measures to strengthen and improve the quality of enforcement in order to ensure effective and uniform implementation across the State.

6.6. Emergency Medical Services for Road Accidents:

6.7. Research for Road Safety:

The Government of West Bengal will promote research activity in road safety by identifying priority areas, funding of research initiatives and publication of reports in conferences, workshops & websites. The following activities will be carried out by Government of West Bengal:

6.8. Strengthening Legal and Financial Environment for Road Safety:

Road Safety measures require strengthening of legal provisions and enhanced funding support for its sustainability. Government of West Bengal will undertake the following activities to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

No. 1732-WT dated 12.05.2015

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