Enhancement of Remuneration of JRFs and SRFs wef February, 2021

Government of West Bengal
Department of Science and Technology and Biotechnology
Vigyan Chetana Bhavan, DD-26/B, Sector – I
Kolkata – 700064

No. 316/ST/P/S&T/Misc-2/2006 (part-1) Dated: 01.03.2021


With reference to previous notification no. 1657/ST/P/S&T/Misc-2/2006 (Pt-I) dated 31.1.2017 of the erstwhile Department of Higher Education. Science and Technology and Biotechnology, the Governor is pleased to enhance the monthly remuneration of the Junior Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows, engaged both externally and internally, to implement R&D projects financed by this Department as well as RS&GIS and other projects funded by Govt. of India and its bodies, Govt. of West Bengal and other agencies in the manner as tabled below:

Sl. No.CategoryMonthly Remuneration (in Rs.)
1.Senior Research Fellow (SRF)30,000/- (Consolidated)
2Junior Research Fellow (JRF)25,000/- (Consolidated)

The enhanced remuneration as above, will be effective from February, 2021 and is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department vide U.O. No. Group P2/2020-2021/0854 dated 26.2.2021.

Other conditions, viz., promotion from JRF to SRF, on review, will be in accordance to this Department’s earlier Notification no. 2031/ST/P/S&T/Misc-2/2006 dated 11.11.2008 and as per host Institutional norms while 14 days Casual Leave during one Calendar year and Maternity Leave of 180 days will follow from the same Notification of 2008 read together with extant Government norms.

Joint Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal

No. 316-ST dated 01.03.2021, Source

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