Different Categories of Rental Housing Estate Flats


Department of Housing (Allotment Branch)
New Secretariat Buildings
K.S . Roy Road, Kolkata-700 001

No. 395-H6/2M-8/2009, Dated: 26.02.2010.


Consequent upon the Revision of Pay and Allowances, Rules 2009 of the State Government employees, it has been decided that the Pay in the Pay-band as detailed below will be considered for entitlement of different categories of Rental Housing Estate Flats:-

Sl. No. Pay in the Pay Band Category
01. Below Rs. 8,000/= ‘D’ type
02. Rs. 8,000/= and above but less than Rs. 12,500/= ‘C’ type
03. Rs. 12,500/= and above but less than Rs. 16,000/= ‘B’ type
04. Rs. 15,000/= and above ‘A’ type

This Order issues in supersession of all previous orders in this respect and with The concurrence of Finance Department’s Group-‘P’ (Pay), U.O. No. 2966 dt. 19.02.2010.

Sd/- Surath Dutta Roy
Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

No. 395-H6 dated 26.02.2010