Expert Committee to Examine Curriculum, Syllabus & Text Books

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
(Secondary Branch)
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kol- 91.

No. 849-SE(S)/ES/S/10M-64/11 Date: 20.07.2011.


Whereas the State Government has been considering reexamination of the existing syllabus and curriculum at the Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels to make them in conformity with the National curriculum Framework, 2005, RTE Act, 2009 and modern developments in Pedagogy;

Now, therefore the Governor is pleased to constitute a Committee of Experts with the following members to examine entire aspects of curriculum, syllabus and textbooks for Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses formulated by the respective Boards and Council.

The Committee

1) Sri Sunanda Sanyal Chairman
2) Sireen MasoodProfessor, Deptt. of History, CUMember
3) Sri Jogen ChowdhuryArtistMember
4) Prof. Siddhanta RoyHead, Physics Department, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Institute University, Belur Math, HowrahMember
5) Prof. Marmar MukhopadhyayaEx-Director, NEUPA and presently Director, Educational Technology and Management AcademyMember
6)Prof. Satya Kinkar PalDepartment of Agriculture, Ballygunje Science CollegeMember
7) Professor Josna JalanProfessor-Economics, Center for Studies in Social Science, KolkataMember
8) Prof Aveek MajumderLecturer, Deptt. of Comparative Literature, JUMember
9) Smt Subhra GhosalRamkrishna Sarada Mission Sister Nivedita Girls SchoolMember
10) Smt. Kakali BrahmaKamala Girls SchoolMember
11) Shri Kumar RanaProject Director, Pratichi TrustMember
12) Sister CyrilPrincipal, Loreto Day School, SealdahMember
13) Dr. Rathindranath DePrincipal, David Hare Training College, KolkataMember
14) Shri Rupak Horn Roy,Head Master, Ballygunje Government SchoolMember
15) Swami TattasaranandaPrincipal, Ramakrishna Mission Sikshan Mandir, Belur Math, HowrahMember
16) Sri Sankamath BhattacharyaNarendrapur Ramkrishna MissionMember
17) President, West Bengal Board of Primary Education Ex-Officio Member
18) President, West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Ex-Officio Member
19) President, West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education Ex-Officio Member
20) Sri Samar BagchiEx-Director, BITMMember
21) Shri Dibya Gopal GhatakDeputy Director School EducationMember Secretary

The above Committee may sit in the newly laid office meant for RMSA at Shiksha Bhavan, Kasba. The Secretarial assistance to the Committee will be provided by Sarva Siksha Mission office from the Project Management Funds including Stenographer, computer and any other assistance that may be required. The Committee may also co-opt some other members who can help the Committee to arrive at a decision and help the Committee to make its recommendations. Each member of the Committee except the official members may be paid a token honorarium of Rs. 10,000/- for entire duration of the work of the committee. The entire expenditure towards payment of honorarium of the non-official members may also be borne from the Project Management Fund of SSA.

Terms of references of the Committee are:

i) The Committee will review the curriculum, syllabus and textbooks for the entire spectrum of school education from Class-I to Class-XII including elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary courses and recommend to the Government changes that may be brought in the curriculum, syllabus and textbooks in line with National Curriculum Framework-2005 (NCF-2005) and the provisions of The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009.

ii) They will examine the entire process of continuous evaluation being practiced by different Boards including holding of Unit Tests and recommend scientific policy of evaluation of each and every student, including those who need special care, without in any way creation of any undue pressure and mental stress on the students.

iii) To examine how the present dependence on texts and notes being practiced by the students can be gradually shifted towards proper understanding of the curriculum with a view to generate sense of enquiry and curiosity for overall mental development of the student as a human being.

iv) To examine as to how the present menace and dependence on private tuition can be eliminated with emphasis on the system of instructions at the classrooms.

v) To examine how modem scientific developments and best practices both in India and abroad can be incorporated in the method of existing system of pedagogy being followed at the classroom situation and recommend steps for generation of methods of scientific teaching through various audio visual aids.

vi) To review the existing system of conduct of examination at the Secondary and Higher Secondary stages and to suggest changes to reduce dependence on cramming and memorizing textual contents for securing higher marks, without in any way diluting the quality of evaluation.

vii) To review the existing system of teachers’ training and recommend how the attitude of the teachers can be shifted from dependence on textual matters towards securing proper understanding of the subjects by the students.

viii) To recommend any other measure for furtherance and improvement of quality of school education in the State to ensure growth of scientific knowledge and full development of the potential in each student.

The Committee will submit its preliminary report within a period of 3 months from its first sitting and submit its final report within 3 months thereafter after taking into account the feedback from all the concerned stakeholders.

Sd/- Vikram Sen
Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 849-SE dated 20.07.2011

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