Guidelines for PWD Social Sector regarding Construction of Building

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Works Branch
Nabanna, Howrah

No. 586-WC/1M-343/16 Date: 05/07/2018


For construction of building and other works given to Public Works Department by other Departments, it was decided that Engineer-Officers of Social Sector, PWD will ensure the following:-

a) Design/ Plan should be approved by the Department concerned,

b) After completion of the work, a satisfactory certificate is to be obtained from the Department concerned before release of payment.

This was issued vide Memo. No. 474-WC/1M-343/16, Dt. 07/09/2016. However, it is observed that this is not being followed in some cases.

Henceforth all Engineer-Officers of the Social Sector should ensure compliance with the instructions without fail. The formats given in the aforesaid Memo should be followed strictly.

Sd/- Arnab Roy
Principal Secretary
Public Works Department

No. 586-WC dated 05.07.2018, Source

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