Guidelines for Transfer of Building belonging to Other Department by PWD

Public Works,

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Works Branch
Nabanna, Howrah – 711102.

No. 456-W(C)/1M-189/15 Dated: 16.09.2015


Sub: Procedure/ Guidelines for transfer of Building belonging to other Department of the State Government by Public Works Department.

It is being observed that several proposals are received for handing over of building constructed and/ or maintained by other department of the State Government to Public Works Department.

Now, it is felt necessary to frame a specific guideline/ procedure for taking over of building from other department of the State Government to PWD.

After careful consideration of the entire matter, the Governor is pleased to frame a guideline/ procedure to be followed for transfer of a building from other department of the State Government to Public Works Department:

1. Proposal for transfer of the building to be submitted to the Principal Secretary, PWD, with the following documents by the appropriate authority of the department/ local body/ municipal corporation etc., from which building is proposed to be transferred:

(a) Record of rights from L&LR Department/ Municipal Corporation/ Municipality/ Panchayat, and others, as applicable;

(b) A statement showing type of building, uses of building, details of occupant / users of the building including area occupied, litigation and encroachment, if any;

(c) A certificate regarding general condition of the building as assessed by any Public Works Department authority not below the rank of Executive Engineer;

(d) All drawings like site plan, architectural drawing, structural drawing showing foundation details, water supply, sewerage disposal, sanitary installations and storm water drainage, internal and external electrical layout, fire detection and fire fighting system, if exists.

(e) Detailed head of account under which fund for maintenance of the building is being provided.

2. Chief Engineer, Planning will examine the proposal and submit a report to the Department along with recommendation and an estimate of civil and electrical works to be carried out in the building for its upgradation to PWD standard before its incorporation in the PWD books;

3. PWD will issue in principle clearance for taking over of the building and request the concerned authority for placement of necessary fund for the purpose mentioned at Sl. 2 above;

4. Final order for taking over will be issued after placement of requisite fund by the owner department/ authority.

This order is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department, Group-T vide their U.O.No. Group T/2015-2016/0452 Dated 31.08.2015.

All concerned are being informed.

By order of the Governor,

Principal Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal, Public Works Department

No. 456-WC dated 16.09.2015, Source