Guidelines/ SoP for taking up IT works of Government Department by PWD

Public Works,

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
‘NABANNA’ (8th Floor), 325, Sarat Chatterjee Road,
Howrah – 711102

Memo No. 77/ACS/PWD Date. 21.10.2020

The Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary ……………… Department,
Government of West Bengal,

District Magistrate, ………………

Sub: Guidelines/ SoP for taking up IT works of Government department by PWD.

  1. Public Works Department takes up different IT project works of Government departments/ Institutions for which administrative approval is obtained from the concerned department/ authority. It has been noticed that in most of the cases, completion of project within the original scope of works cannot be accomplished within due time. The main reason for this seems to be frequent changes in specifications/ design and scope of work even after administrative approval for the project work is accorded by the requisitioning department/authority. This leads to cost and time over run along with difficulty in execution.
  2. It is therefore felt necessary to bring out a set of guideline/ Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at the planning stage itself for timely completion of IT project works. The administrative department needs to provide requisition with all necessary inputs, i.e., type and nature of services to be provided. A format for requisition is enclosed herewith which needs to be filled up along with the request of taking up of new IT projects. The format contains component wise requirement of IT equipment and services which are to be finalized during project preparation stage in order to prepare a realistic DPR for timely completion and to avoid changes during execution. Assistance of PWD Engineer of concerned Divisional Office of PWD IT may be taken by the requisitioning department, if required, while preparing the SoP as per the prescribed format.
  3. Suggestions for improvement in the SoP s are welcome.

Additional Chief Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 77-ACS dated 21.10.2020, Source