High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination Schedule, 2023

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Update: Rescheduling of Examination on 27.02.2023

West Bengal Board of Madrash Education
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Bhawan
DD-45, Sector-I, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700064

Memo No. 279/Exam Date: 02.11.2022


It is notified for information to all concerned that the High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Examination – 2023 (both Regular & External) will be held as per following schedule:-


Date Day High Madrasah Examination Alim Examination Fazil Examination
11.45 a.m- 3.00 p.m 11.45 a.m- 3.00 p.m 11.45 a.m- 3.00 p.m
23.02.2023 Thursday First Language (Bengali / Urdu/ English) First Language (Bengali/ Urdu) First Language (Bengali/ Urdu)
25.02.2023 Saturday Arabic Arabic Arabic
27.02.2023 09.03.2023 Monday Second Language (English/ Bengali) Second Language (English) Second Language (English)
28.02.2023 Tuesday Physical Science 11.45 a.m. -2.00 p.m

Physical Science

2.15 p.m -4.30 p.m.

Life Science

Islamic History
01.03.2023 Wednesday Mathematics Mathematics Islamic Studies
02.03.2023 Thursday History History Theology
04.03.2023 Saturday Geography 11.45 a.m.-2.00 p.m


2.15 p.m-4.30 p.m.


All Addl. Subjects. Theoretical)
06.03.2023 Monday Life Science Hadith
11.03.2023 Saturday Islam Parichay Tafsir
13.03.2023 Monday All Addl. Subjects. Theoretical All Addl. Subjects. Theoretical

i) Centre Fee @ Rs.70/- per candidate.

ii) Work Education, Physical Education (as addl. subjects) examination will be held from 16th March, 2023 to 1st April, 2023.

iii) The candidates shall collect their Admit Cards from the respective Madrasahs on 10th Feb, 2023.

iv) The papers of 100 marks will be of 3 (three) hours’ & 15 (Fifteen) minutes, [15 minutes for reading Question papers, writing Registration No. and Roll no.] The papers of 50 marks will be of 2 (two) hours & 15 (Fifteen) minutes [15 minutes for reading Question papers, writing Registration No. and Roll nos.].

Sd/- Dr. Sk. Abu Taher Kamruddin
West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education

No. 279-Exam dated 02.11.2022, Source