Important Dates for Submission of Self Appraisal Report, 2021-2022 onwards

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
eGovernance Group

Memo No. 2015-F(eGov) Dated:25/04/2023

In view of the last date of submission of Declaration of Assets on the 1st day of January every year being 30th April every year, the last date for submission of SAR by the Officer Reported upon and for evaluation of the same by the Reporting/ Reviewing/ Accepting Officer for Assessment Year 2021-22 onwards has been revised vide Memo No. 1878-F(Y) dated 10/05/2022 as shown in the table below:-

Type of OfficerLast date of submission/ evaluation/ acceptance of SAR
Officer Reported Upon30th June of the corresponding year
Reporting Officer31st August of the corresponding year
Reviewing Officer31st October of the corresponding year
Accepting Officer31st December of the corresponding year

The timeline so fixed, on request from different authorities, had to be revised several times vide Memo Nos 3843-F(Y) dated 15/09/2022, 5175-F (E-Gov.) dated 22/12/2022, 1178-F(E-Gov) dated 15/03/2023 and lastly extended vide Memo No. 1702-F(eGov) dated 06/04/2023 for Assessment Year 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-2022 as depicted below:-

Type of OfficerLast date of submission/ evaluation/ acceptance of SAR
Officer Reported UponNo Change
Reporting Officer30th April, 2023
Reviewing Officer30th April, 2023
Accepting Officer30th April, 2023

Repeated requests for extension of the stipulated timeline might have been caused by non-percolation of such orders to the concerned authorities especially those who are posted in parastatal bodies and far away locations. As such, the undersigned is directed to request you to make necessary arrangement so that all the concerned officers under his/ her administrative control are made aware of processing the pending SARs within the stipulated date as mentioned in the table above so that none of the ‘Officers Reported Upon’ has to suffer in spite of submitting their SARs in time. It may be mentioned here that the last date(s) might not be extended any further.

Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 2015-F dated 25.04.2023, Source

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