Last Date of Submission of Self Appraisal Report, 2020-21

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Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch
NABANNA, Howrah – 711102

Memo. No. 1452-F(Y) Date: 30.04.2021


Sub: Extension of the period for submission and evaluation/ acceptance of online SAR by Officer Reported Upon and Reporting Authority/ Reviewing Authority/ Accepting Authority respectively in HRMS for the Appraisal Year 2020-21.

In terms of Memo. No. 2748-F(P2) dated 27th April, 2018, all Group A employees of the State Government are required to submit online Self Appraisal Reports (SAR) and to process them in HRMS every year within certain dates mentioned in the order.

Now, in view of the prevailing situation of outbreak of COVID-19, it appears that many of the designated Officers of State Government may not be able to submit and process the SAR in HRMS for Assessment Year 2020-21 within due time.

Under the circumstances, in partial modification of Memo. No. 2748-F(P2) dated 27th April, 2018 the last dates for submission of online SAR for the appraisal year 2020-21 by “Officer Reported Upon” and forwarding/ accepting after grading and evaluation of that online SAR in HRMS by “Reporting Authority”, “Reviewing Authority” and “Accepting Authority” are extended as follows:-

DescriptionExtended last date for submission/ evaluation and grading of online SAR for Appraisal Year 2020-21
Officer Reported Upon30th June, 2021
Reporting Authority31st Aug, 2021
Reviewing Authority31st October, 2021
Accepting Authority31st December, 2021

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 1452-F dated 30.04.2021, Source