Introduction of e-Ration Card in West Bengal

Government of West Bengal
Department of Food & Supplies
Reforms Cell, 5th Floor, Khadyasree Bhavan
11A Mirza Ghalib Street, Kolkata 700087

Memo: Dated: 08.01.2021


Sub: Introduction of e-Ration Card

Among other services, the primary function of the Dept. of Food & Supplies is the implementation of Public Distribution System (PDS). The Ration Card issued to the citizens allows them to avail the benefit of the PDS in an orderly manner. Thus, the issuance of Ration Card itself is one of the important functions of this Dept.

The humble Ration Card has changed its format over the years. In recent years, we have shifted to Digital Ration Card, where the beneficiary data is digitized and all the approval process is online.

Better, faster and transparent services to the people of the State, is also an important objective of the Dept. The present system of issuance of Ration Cards includes the processes of printing and parcel delivery, areas that are outside the direct control of this Dept. It has also been observed that there are frequent delays and disruption in the process of delivery of physical Digital Ration Card to the beneficiaries through speed Post leading to difficulties in availing the services.

Towards this end, the issuance of e-Ration Cards was in the consideration of the Dept. for some time past. The e-Ration Card was conceived with the following objectives in mind:

i. It should be equivalent to the paper or plastic based Ration Card.

ii. It should be able to be issued without any physical process of printing and delivery. The Citizen should be able to download it from the comfort and safety of his home.

iii. The delays associated with the existing system should be removed.

iv. The authenticity of the e-Ration Card should be verifiable easily, by anyone and from anywhere. Basic features of e-Ration Card are as follows:

  1. e-RC shall have the same rights and privileges as Digital Ration Card.
  2. All concerned authorities shall accept the e-RC at par with DRC.
  3. e-RC can be verified online anytime by anyone through the embedded QR code, as well as from official website of the Deptt. by entering the e-Ration Card No.
  4. e-Ration Card holder can download a copy of his e-Ration Card from the website at anytime, at any place and any no. of times.
  5. The beneficiaries will be able to visit the Ration Shop to avail the food grains from next working day of approval.
  6. The e-Ration Card holder will not be required to carry his Digital Ration Card in physical / paper format to receive foodgrains in a Ration Shop. He can carry a copy of e-Ration Card printed on a plain paper or show a soft copy e-Ration Card on his mobile phone to receive the food grains from the Ration Shop.

The paper / plastic Digital Ration Card which is being issued at present will continue to be issued in the same manner and will reach to the beneficiaries through Speed Post as usual.

Detailed Guidelines regarding e-Ration Card is attached herewith.

This notification shall come into effect from 14.1.2021.

This is issued with the approval of competent authority.

Additional Secretary
Food & Supplies Department

e-Ration Card Notification, Source

e-Ration Card Guidelines, Source

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